Lincoln, Tennessee, USA


Latitude: 35.1407, Longitude: -86.5885


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beattie, Sarah Elizabeth  11 Sep 1844Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36941
2 Beaty, David M  3 May 1813Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36944
3 Blakemore, Harrett Elizabeth  29 Dec 1839Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I37536
4 Carmack, Samuel Warren  1871Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36948
5 Crawford, Nancy  16 Nov 1810Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I3381
6 Cunningham, Gertrude Lee  7 Oct 1898Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I54379
7 Davis, Morgan  1735Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I3661
8 Halbert, Alma  25 Aug 1904Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I54357
9 Halbert, Amelia Ann  27 Aug 1824Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5589
10 Halbert, Emma  9 Feb 1889Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36950
11 Halbert, Isaac Buchanan  1857Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5682
12 Halbert, James C  23 Feb 1838Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5696
13 Halbert, John Thomas  Abt 1841Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5743
14 Halbert, Laura G  Abt 1853Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5756
15 Halbert, Margaret E  Abt 1836Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5770
16 Halbert, Martha E  Abt 1834Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5781
17 Halbert, Martha Jane  15 Jan 1876Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I54364
18 Halbert, Mary Jane  Abt 1840Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5800
19 Halbert, Nancy G  29 Oct 1867Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36942
20 Halbert, Naomi Emily  15 May 1845Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5810
21 Halbert, Pleasant Felix  9 Sep 1861Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I54362
22 Halbert, Susan  1876Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36943
23 Halbert, Tulia  1855Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5861
24 Halbert, William Hayes  26 Mar 1847Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5884
25 Hedgpeth, John Jeremiah  6 Sep 1838Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I38262
26 Higgins, Joel Calloway  1828Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I6789
27 Jenkins, Ellen Earl  10 Dec 1893Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36947
28 Jenkins, Thomas Newton  16 Jun 1862Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36946
29 Motlow, Mary B  22 Sep 1823Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36945
30 Satterfield, Laura  1867Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36949
31 Smith, Amanda  1838Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12726
32 Smith, Eleanor  1842Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12749
33 Smith, Elizabeth  1844Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12756
34 Smith, Frances  1830Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12765
35 Smith, Frances  1833Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12766
36 Smith, Frances  1837Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12767
37 Smith, Jame H  Abt 1836Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12781
38 Smith, James Franklin  1 Aug 1835Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12786
39 Smith, Jim  1831Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12793
40 Smith, John  1838Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12798
41 Smith, Martin Luther  1834Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12834
42 Smith, Mary Eliza  1840Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12841
43 Smith, Milton Simpson  14 Feb 1833Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12852
44 Smith, Nancy  11 May 1834Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12854
45 Smith, Nathan  1 Jan 1835Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12857
46 Smith, Nelson  6 Jan 1839Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12858
47 Smith, Sarah  12 Jan 1838Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12883
48 Smith, Sarah Ann  2 Dec 1841Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12889
49 Smith, Sarah Ann Elizabeth  1831Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12890
50 Smith, Susan  1834Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12900

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beattie, Sarah Elizabeth  31 May 1932Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36941
2 Beaty, David M  20 Feb 1881Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36944
3 Buchanan, Emily  9 Feb 1868Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I2349
4 Carmack, Samuel Warren  1964Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36948
5 Chitwood, Elizabeth  24 Oct 1869Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I2707
6 Crawford, Nancy  5 Aug 1850Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I3381
7 Cunningham, Gertrude Lee  1 Aug 1978Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I54379
8 Davis, Amos  16 Oct 1834Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I3642
9 Davis, Elizabeth  1831Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I3647
10 Davis, Jesse  1850Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I3655
11 Davis, John  1844Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I3656
12 Davis, Morgan  1831Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I3661
13 Halbert, Alma  23 May 1991Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I54357
14 Halbert, Daniel Morgan  1880Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5616
15 Halbert, James  Abt 1833Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5687
16 Halbert, James C Jr  21 Apr 1913Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I54355
17 Halbert, Joel II  10 Nov 1818Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5720
18 Halbert, John N  22 Jul 1821Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5724
19 Halbert, Martha Jane  27 Jan 1971Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I54364
20 Halbert, Nancy G  1 Jun 1943Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36942
21 Halbert, Naomi Emily  25 Aug 1886Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5810
22 Halbert, Pleasant  1 Oct 1895Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5819
23 Halbert, Susan  8 Dec 1971Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36943
24 Halbert, William  28 Jan 1865Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5870
25 Hampton, Margaret  1828Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I6186
26 Harwell, Van Buren  8 Nov 1918Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I54365
27 Hill, Mary  14 Nov 1816Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I6858
28 Jenkins, Ellen Earl  28 Sep 1965Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36947
29 Jenkins, Thomas Newton  6 Jan 1913Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36946
30 Motlow, Mary B  18 Oct 1862Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36945
31 Murphy, Gertrude  28 Mar 1921Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I54356
32 Satterfield, Laura  1943Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36949
33 Smith, John William  Abt 1855Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12811
34 Smith, John William  5 Mar 1874Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12812
35 Smith, Mary Elizabeth  1813Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12842
36 Smith, Nancy Ann  23 Dec 1889Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12855
37 Smith, Robert Clovis  13 Mar 1844Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12872
38 Smith, Sarah  17 Feb 1898Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I12885


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Buchanan, Emily  Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I2349
2 Crawford, Nancy  Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I3381
3 Halbert, Isaac Buchanan  Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5682
4 Halbert, Pleasant  Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5819
5 Halbert, Pleasant Washington  Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5820
6 Satterfield, Laura  Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36949


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Halbert, Amanda  1835Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5587


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Halbert, Pleasant  10 Oct 1895Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I5819


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Lena R  1930Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36319
2 Chick, James Leonard  1910Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36318
3 Chick, James Leonard  1920Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36318
4 Chick, James Leonard  1930Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I36318
5 Cobble, James T  1850Lincoln, Tennessee, USA I39621


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carmack / Halbert  Lincoln, Tennessee, USA F12240
2 Clayton / Halbert  6 Apr 1869Lincoln, Tennessee, USA F18299
3 Halbert / (Unknown)  Abt 1814Lincoln, Tennessee, USA F1715
4 Halbert / Beatie  15 Sep 1870Lincoln, Tennessee, USA F18296
5 Halbert / Beattie  22 Nov 1866Lincoln, Tennessee, USA F12237
6 Halbert / Buchanan  8 Apr 1852Lincoln, Tennessee, USA F2689
7 Halbert / Chitwood  1819Lincoln, Tennessee, USA F2705
8 Halbert / Harrison  5 Aug 1840Lincoln, Tennessee, USA F989
9 Halbert / Satterfield  1888Lincoln, Tennessee, USA F12241
10 Jenkins / Halbert  30 Nov 1887Lincoln, Tennessee, USA F12239
11 Sugg / Halbert  3 Jan 1856Lincoln, Tennessee, USA F18300