Floyd, Kentucky, USA


Latitude: 37.5557, Longitude: -82.7483


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Nancy Jane  16 Dec 1875Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43604
2 Blevins, Jane Mellsia  22 Mar 1879Floyd, Kentucky, USA I44077
3 Bradley, Elias  12 Dec 1817Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43706
4 Bradley, William Sanford  16 Oct 1838Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43700
5 Brown, Alkana A  14 Nov 1843Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43692
6 Brown, Lewis  17 Sep 1836Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43814
7 Brown, Robert S  27 Sep 1863Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43560
8 Elliott, Rhoda  22 Jan 1890Floyd, Kentucky, USA I44122
9 Gray, Isaac Ellington  1 Mar 1838Floyd, Kentucky, USA I37738
10 Hale, Eleanor Nellie  26 Sep 1840Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43640
11 Hale, Elizabeth Jane  30 Oct 1847Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43546
12 Hale, James  1805Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43614
13 Hale, James Nelson  1834Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43644
14 Hale, Katherine  Nov 1836Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43632
15 Hale, Sarah  1828Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43634
16 Hale, Susannah  1832Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43645
17 Hale, Susannah  22 Nov 1837Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43633
18 Hale, William  1842Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43639
19 Hall, Floyd  Jul 1873Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43603
20 Hall, Josephine  25 Aug 1916Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43602
21 Hicks, Jack M  1935Floyd, Kentucky, USA I55292
22 Hicks, Thomas B  6 Nov 1936Floyd, Kentucky, USA I55289
23 Prater, Louanna  Abt 1822Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43707
24 Richardson, Aaron  1930Floyd, Kentucky, USA I55452
25 Sanders, Jane  1808Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43615
26 Shepherd, Abel  1834Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43971
27 Shepherd, Ada  25 Oct 1925Floyd, Kentucky, USA I55447
28 Shepherd, Billy  20 Dec 1919Floyd, Kentucky, USA I55270
29 Shepherd, Carmon  16 Jun 1905Floyd, Kentucky, USA I44079
30 Shepherd, Caudill  21 Apr 1927Floyd, Kentucky, USA I55370
31 Shepherd, Eliza  Abt 1910Floyd, Kentucky, USA I55455
32 Shepherd, Elizabeth  1831Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43974
33 Shepherd, Ellen  Abt 1907Floyd, Kentucky, USA I55449
34 Shepherd, Jacob  14 Nov 1883Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43620
35 Shepherd, Jasper  7 May 1913Floyd, Kentucky, USA I55445
36 Shepherd, John E  1820Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43969
37 Shepherd, Joseph  8 Mar 1920Floyd, Kentucky, USA I55446
38 Shepherd, Lewis  6 Oct 1859Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43625
39 Shepherd, Malcolm  18 Jul 1924Floyd, Kentucky, USA I55274
40 Shepherd, Martin Vinson  16 Jul 1887Floyd, Kentucky, USA I44084
41 Shepherd, Nancy  Between 1846 and 1850Floyd, Kentucky, USA I50785
42 Shepherd, Nawasa  17 Nov 1932Floyd, Kentucky, USA I55384
43 Shepherd, Nearie  13 Feb 1922Floyd, Kentucky, USA I55272
44 Shepherd, Nellie Susan  27 Oct 1902Floyd, Kentucky, USA I44080
45 Shepherd, Odis  11 Dec 1915Floyd, Kentucky, USA I55267
46 Shepherd, Riley  21 Mar 1918Floyd, Kentucky, USA I55443
47 Shepherd, Sallie  Abt 1928Floyd, Kentucky, USA I55448
48 Shepherd, Scoreher  2 Jun 1884Floyd, Kentucky, USA I55424
49 Shepherd, Virgil  5 Sep 1928Floyd, Kentucky, USA I55275
50 Shepherd, William  1829Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43970

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnard, Valentine  1814Floyd, Kentucky, USA I1022
2 Crager, Cynthia  1880Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43617
3 England, Martha  9 Jun 1940Floyd, Kentucky, USA I54278
4 Halbert, John N  3 Jan 1880Floyd, Kentucky, USA I5742
5 Hale, Jacob  8 Mar 1913Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43635
6 Hale, James  1877Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43614
7 Hale, John  May 1835Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43636
8 Hale, Susannah  7 Apr 1886Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43633
9 Mosely, Sarah  1850Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43637
10 Sanders, Jane  1852Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43615
11 Shepherd, Gary  1915Floyd, Kentucky, USA I49993
12 Shepherd, Jacob  21 Oct 1858Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43618
13 Shepherd, Wesley  10 Jun 1911Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43621


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Shepherd, Wesley  Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43621


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bradley, Elias  Jun 1890Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43706
2 Bradley, Elias  Jun 1890Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43706
3 Hale, Elizabeth Jane  1870Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43546
4 Hale, Elizabeth Jane  1880Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43546
5 Hale, James  1850Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43614
6 Hale, James  1870Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43614
7 Ragan, Samuel  1820Floyd, Kentucky, USA I36738
8 Ragan, Samuel  1830Floyd, Kentucky, USA I36738
9 Ragan, Samuel  1830Floyd, Kentucky, USA I36738
10 Shepherd, Bryson Reason  1880Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43547
11 Shepherd, Jacob  1820Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43618
12 Walls, William Estill Sr  9 Jun 1918Floyd, Kentucky, USA I43723


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cottle / Jones  18 Jan 1820Floyd, Kentucky, USA F13118
2 Hale / Sanders  13 Feb 1826Floyd, Kentucky, USA F14464
3 Shepherd / Hale  Floyd, Kentucky, USA F14466
4 Shepherd / Hale  17 Apr 1879Floyd, Kentucky, USA F14444