West Virginia, USA


Latitude: 38.9167, Longitude: -78.8333


Matches 551 to 580 of 580

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
551 Waskrey, Jessie  Abt 1886West Virginia, USA I46188
552 Waskrey, Lloyd W  Abt 1882West Virginia, USA I46186
553 Waskrey, Ortia  Abt 1896West Virginia, USA I46192
554 Waskrey, Retta  Abt 1883West Virginia, USA I46187
555 Waskrey, Scia  Abt 1892West Virginia, USA I46190
556 Watkins, Alice  Abt 1929West Virginia, USA I52860
557 Watkins, Bascam Oscar  19 Dec 1948West Virginia, USA I52868
558 Watkins, Eva Y  Abt 1927West Virginia, USA I52859
559 Watkins, James H  Abt 1922West Virginia, USA I52857
560 Watkins, Mary L  Abt 1925West Virginia, USA I52858
561 Waugh, Amy Elizabeth  4 Mar 1882West Virginia, USA I55562
562 Waugh, Effie  Abt 1919West Virginia, USA I55576
563 Waugh, Harry Otis  10 Oct 1898West Virginia, USA I55561
564 Waugh, Lillie May  Abt 1891West Virginia, USA I46605
565 Waugh, Webster Wadsworth  26 Feb 1886West Virginia, USA I55559
566 Waugh, William O'Connor  7 Jan 1884West Virginia, USA I55560
567 West, Bethlehem Booth  7 May 1856West Virginia, USA I44549
568 Wheeler, Ella M  Jun 1892West Virginia, USA I43107
569 Wheeler, Ivy A  Oct 1894West Virginia, USA I43106
570 White, Elizabeth  Abt 1816West Virginia, USA I17002
571 Whited, Blake Isaac  Abt 1935West Virginia, USA I46312
572 Whited, Harold  24 Feb 1933West Virginia, USA I46311
573 Whited, Kenneth Ray  8 Sep 1939West Virginia, USA I46314
574 Whited, Lislie  Abt 1937West Virginia, USA I46313
575 Whited, Scott I  Abt 1913West Virginia, USA I46310
576 Whittington, Andrew Joshua  Mar 1869West Virginia, USA I35480
577 Williams, Ollie Lee  1893West Virginia, USA I40334
578 Wilson, Allie  Jun 1888West Virginia, USA I15113
579 Wolfe, Austin Monroe  Abt 1870West Virginia, USA I16952
580 Wyatt, Frances Leona  Abt 1878West Virginia, USA I46359

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