West Virginia, USA


Latitude: 38.9167, Longitude: -78.8333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Wyatt, Frances Leona  Abt 1878West Virginia, USA I46359
2 Wolfe, Austin Monroe  Abt 1870West Virginia, USA I16952
3 Wilson, Allie  Jun 1888West Virginia, USA I15113
4 Williams, Ollie Lee  1893West Virginia, USA I40334
5 Whittington, Andrew Joshua  Mar 1869West Virginia, USA I35480
6 Whited, Scott I  Abt 1913West Virginia, USA I46310
7 Whited, Lislie  Abt 1937West Virginia, USA I46313
8 Whited, Kenneth Ray  8 Sep 1939West Virginia, USA I46314
9 Whited, Harold  24 Feb 1933West Virginia, USA I46311
10 Whited, Blake Isaac  Abt 1935West Virginia, USA I46312
11 White, Elizabeth  Abt 1816West Virginia, USA I17002
12 Wheeler, Ivy A  Oct 1894West Virginia, USA I43106
13 Wheeler, Ella M  Jun 1892West Virginia, USA I43107
14 West, Bethlehem Booth  7 May 1856West Virginia, USA I44549
15 Waugh, William O'Connor  7 Jan 1884West Virginia, USA I55560
16 Waugh, Webster Wadsworth  26 Feb 1886West Virginia, USA I55559
17 Waugh, Lillie May  Abt 1891West Virginia, USA I46605
18 Waugh, Harry Otis  10 Oct 1898West Virginia, USA I55561
19 Waugh, Effie  Abt 1919West Virginia, USA I55576
20 Waugh, Amy Elizabeth  4 Mar 1882West Virginia, USA I55562
21 Watkins, Mary L  Abt 1925West Virginia, USA I52858
22 Watkins, James H  Abt 1922West Virginia, USA I52857
23 Watkins, Eva Y  Abt 1927West Virginia, USA I52859
24 Watkins, Bascam Oscar  19 Dec 1948West Virginia, USA I52868
25 Watkins, Alice  Abt 1929West Virginia, USA I52860
26 Waskrey, Scia  Abt 1892West Virginia, USA I46190
27 Waskrey, Retta  Abt 1883West Virginia, USA I46187
28 Waskrey, Ortia  Abt 1896West Virginia, USA I46192
29 Waskrey, Lloyd W  Abt 1882West Virginia, USA I46186
30 Waskrey, Jessie  Abt 1886West Virginia, USA I46188
31 Waskrey, George W  Abt 1856West Virginia, USA I46185
32 Waskrey, Freda  Abt 1890West Virginia, USA I46189
33 Waskrey, Dewey  Abt 1898West Virginia, USA I46193
34 Waskrey, Charles  Abt 1894West Virginia, USA I46191
35 Walls, Ray  20 Jan 1931West Virginia, USA I43746
36 Walls, Ernest Harry Jr  18 May 1927West Virginia, USA I43743
37 Varna, Raymond  Abt 1926West Virginia, USA I46211
38 Varna, Elenor M  Abt 1924West Virginia, USA I46210
39 Upton, Virginia  Jun 1882West Virginia, USA I44825
40 Tucker, Olden  8 Apr 1873West Virginia, USA I38254
41 Tucker, Gladys M  10 Sep 1912West Virginia, USA I38253
42 Thomas, William R  11 Jan 1874West Virginia, USA I37668
43 Thomas, Bethel M  13 Jan 1905West Virginia, USA I37666
44 Stone, Verna  Abt 1879West Virginia, USA I43394
45 Stone, Samuel B  May 1894West Virginia, USA I43372
46 Stone, Rebeca G  Apr 1895West Virginia, USA I43396
47 Stone, Ora E  Jan 1887West Virginia, USA I43398
48 Stone, Mary E  Aug 1885West Virginia, USA I43399
49 Stone, Mary  Aug 1890West Virginia, USA I43389
50 Stone, Lona B  Mar 1887West Virginia, USA I43367

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Wilson, Ora Belle  1920West Virginia, USA I46260
2 Whited, Harold  Aug 1979West Virginia, USA I46311
3 Wheeler, Cicero Joseph  1957West Virginia, USA I56407
4 Waugh, Mary Jane  6 May 1942West Virginia, USA I50132
5 Thompson, Nova  1889West Virginia, USA I57356
6 Thompson, Florence A  23 Feb 1958West Virginia, USA I46296
7 Taylor, Violet Rose  West Virginia, USA I13839
8 Stover, Samuel Pleasant  7 Dec 1918West Virginia, USA I38349
9 Stover, Mary Catherine  19 Nov 1950West Virginia, USA I38348
10 Stone, Elias Ichabod  20 Jul 1931West Virginia, USA I43382
11 Smith, Myrle Marie  16 Oct 1989West Virginia, USA I56374
12 Sines, Cecil Edgar  18 Aug 1978West Virginia, USA I44573
13 See, Mary Magdalena  1785West Virginia, USA I41626
14 See, John Bernet  Bef Aug 1756West Virginia, USA I41620
15 Schwartz, Judith  1952West Virginia, USA I56373
16 Reed, R Meredith  28 Sep 1990West Virginia, USA I46117
17 Plants, Theodore Hayes  4 Jun 1943West Virginia, USA I45181
18 Parsons, Clora Ava  1970West Virginia, USA I46686
19 Owens, Elisha  Bef 1930West Virginia, USA I43744
20 Meador, Jehu III  25 Oct 1850West Virginia, USA I9651
21 McCloud, Radford  4 Oct 1909West Virginia, USA I43119
22 McCloud, Orville  10 Oct 1949West Virginia, USA I43121
23 Mccloud, Cordelia M  Jul 1965West Virginia, USA I43124
24 Maddox, Charles Fleau  21 Oct 1974West Virginia, USA I47057
25 Loudin, William G  25 Aug 2000West Virginia, USA I46149
26 Leasure, Thelma Lencre  1988West Virginia, USA I52967
27 Lambert, Walter  1914West Virginia, USA I8538
28 Lambert, Son  23 May 1940West Virginia, USA I8533
29 Lambert, Jess Randolph  29 Oct 1996West Virginia, USA I8502
30 Kessel, Charles Vaughn Sr  12 Feb 2006West Virginia, USA I46579
31 Jones, Sadie M  1957West Virginia, USA I43084
32 Jaques, Frank  26 Feb 1951West Virginia, USA I44565
33 Hoschar, Samantha E  1889West Virginia, USA I45200
34 Hoschar, Philip E  1993West Virginia, USA I52925
35 Hoschar, Orlando Orin  31 Jan 1985West Virginia, USA I44844
36 Hoschar, Myrtle Isabelle  19 Oct 2011West Virginia, USA I56376
37 Hoschar, Jesse  Mar 1982West Virginia, USA I41174
38 Hoschar, Dollie M  1994West Virginia, USA I44842
39 Hoschar, Alphias G  18 Aug 1860West Virginia, USA I45205
40 Hopkins, Robert Fred  1953West Virginia, USA I46231
41 Hill, Carmel Gordon  29 Oct 1914West Virginia, USA I46983
42 Hartley, Mabel V  1990West Virginia, USA I48499
43 Harrison, Mary  12 Apr 1900West Virginia, USA I6289
44 Harrison, Dallas Dewey  9 Sep 1972West Virginia, USA I46616
45 Harris, (Unknown)  Bef 1904West Virginia, USA I47168
46 Harper, George Walter  2 Oct 1958West Virginia, USA I57360
47 Givens, Rachel  23 Apr 1898West Virginia, USA I46242
48 Gandee, Martha  1947West Virginia, USA I46228
49 Gandee, Lewis Wesley  2 Nov 1949West Virginia, USA I46226
50 Flesher, Dana  1977West Virginia, USA I46944

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Rayburn, Elizabeth  West Virginia, USA I11606
2 Barnett, Robert B  West Virginia, USA I1122
3 Barnett, James Lincoln  14 Feb 1951West Virginia, USA I39251


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Wallace, Timothy  Mar 1885West Virginia, USA I14668
2 Thomas, William R  Jan 1875West Virginia, USA I37668
3 Thomas, Bethel M  Abt 1905West Virginia, USA I37666
4 Sines, Claude Elwood  1910West Virginia, USA I44572
5 Rollins, Mollie F  1879West Virginia, USA I37669
6 Lewis, Eliza Ellen  Abt 1848West Virginia, USA I43075
7 Casto, Oliver M  1903West Virginia, USA I46715
8 Bennett, Georgiana  Abt 1873West Virginia, USA I37943
9 Bennett, Carrie Lee  Jul 1871West Virginia, USA I37944
10 Bennett, Carrie Lee  Abt 1871West Virginia, USA I37944
11 Barnett, Wallace Bradford  Abt 1877West Virginia, USA I43076
12 Barnett, Robert L  1906West Virginia, USA I37650
13 Barnett, Luella  Abt 1880West Virginia, USA I39284
14 Barnett, Laura May  Abt 1892West Virginia, USA I43077
15 Barnett, Jessie  Aug 1887West Virginia, USA I1088
16 Barnett, Freda M  1908West Virginia, USA I37651
17 Barnett, Ethel P  Sep 1896West Virginia, USA I1069
18 Barnett, Caroline  May 1893West Virginia, USA I1043


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Susan Florence  1919West Virginia, USA I676


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Rodgers, Jerry Albert Jr  17 Nov 1941West Virginia, USA I39269
2 Reasoner, Peter Froman  13 Oct 1748West Virginia, USA I11681
3 Edie, William Alexander  1857West Virginia, USA I57348
4 Edie, Sarah R  1870West Virginia, USA I57349
5 Edie, David Jr  1910West Virginia, USA I57297
6 Edie, David Jr  1870West Virginia, USA I57297
7 Edie, Amanda  1910West Virginia, USA I57350
8 Edie, Amanda  1870West Virginia, USA I57350
9 (Unknown), Sarah Catherine  1870West Virginia, USA I57344

SSN issued

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN issued    Person ID 
1 Casto, Alvin D  West Virginia, USA I46995


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _MILT    Person ID 
1 Casto, Mason  West Virginia, USA I46413
2 Barnett, William B  8 Oct 1862West Virginia, USA I1139


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Sutton / Lambert  West Virginia, USA F2359
2 Rayburn / See  1847West Virginia, USA F14413
3 Rayburn / See  15 Sep 1838West Virginia, USA F14407
4 Meador / Henson  1837West Virginia, USA F2968
5 Lambert / Estep  24 Dec 1913West Virginia, USA F2346