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De Bayeaux, Anschitil (I3716)
Mainwaring, Roger (I8994)
3  De Montanolier, Judith (I3851)
4  De Montanolier, Judith (I3851)
5 "Aka: Jorg Kaller KAELOR. Spouse Unknown. At a Court held for Frederick County on Tuesday the 8th Day of August 1749. This Appraisement of the Estate of George Keeler Deceased was presented into Court by Lewis Stephens the Administrator & admitted to Record.
Dwood C.C"
S. Copy Original Record, Frederick County Will Book 1, 1743-1751, pages 314-315."
"The first names found in connection with the settlement of Woodstock are Jacob Miller and his son-in-law, Abraham Brubaker. This settlement was first names Millerstadt after Mr. Miller, and Mr. Brubaker gave the double lot of one acre [Need copy of this deed to obtain date] to Burr Harrison, Taverner Beale, Joseph Pugh, Abraham Keller, Laurence Snapp, George Keller, John Tipton, Jacob Holtzman, Henry Nelso, Frederick Stover, Philip Hoffman and Henry Fravel, "for the use and purpose of building and supporting a church for public worship, a church yard and place of burial for the dead, and such other buildings as may be necessary for the purposes aforesaid." Seven of the names of this deed are the names of Germans representing the Lutheran Church.....The earliest names have been lost, as it is certain that the history of the congregation extends into the past to the time of the visitation of the Hebron pastors from 1748 [Were there records of these traveling pastors?] to the coming of the first regular pastor in the person of Peter Muhlenberg in the summer of fall of 1772.....All the years while these ministers were serving east of the Blue Ridge, the beautiful Shenandoah Valley had no resident pastor for the many people of the Lutheran faith until 1772. There were a number of visiting ministers.....Carl Friedrich.....Henry Moller.....John Christopher Hartwig [George Samuel Klug from another source][Page 43 is the last page I have. Try to find page 44 for more names.] 
Kellar, George (I8169)
6 "John Coggeshall, progenitor of the family in America, and first president of the colony of Rhode Island, was a member of an ancient and honorable English family, whose lineage has been traced to the early part of the twelfth century, to one Thomas de Cogeshall, the owner of vast estates in Essex and Suffolk, England, in 1135-54. He married, in England, Mary, born in 1604, died November 8, 1684, at the age of eighty. He emigrated from England to the New World in the ship "Lyon", arriving at the port of Boston, MA, in 1632, with his wife Mary, and three children, John, Joshua, and Anne, on Sept. 16, 1632. He was admitted freeman of Roxbury, Nov. 6, 1632, and two years later, in 1634, removed to Boston, where he became a merchant. He was elected President of the Colony of Rhode Island in 1647. While in this office, he was the founder or was largely influential in founding two cities, two states and two separate and independent governments." From History of the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. NY: American Historical Society, 1920. Coggeshall, Governor of Rhode Island John (I42210)
7 "Local Department
On Friday of week before last, the family of D. B. Sebold, living near Mt. Airy, ate some mushrooms for supper. About ten o'clock all were taken sick, but no serious results followed until last Monday morning when the youngest child, George, a bright boy of about ten years of age, died suddenly from the effects of the poison... 
Sebold, George (I42065)
8 "Local Department
On the afternoon of the 27th ult., Mrs. D. B. Sebold and her daughter Ella, of West Amwell township, were returning to their home from a visit to Lambertville, driving a horse to a buggy that they had safely driven on several former occasions. While crossing a small bridge about one-fourth of mile from their home, the horse turned to one side and the wagon went off one end of the bridge about two feet down, when the horse became frightened and started to run. In descending a hill, the buggy was upset and the ladies were pitched violently forward. Mrs. Sebold, it is thought, landed on her head; her neck was dislocated. She was carried into a house near by, and died within five minutes time. The daughter was quite severely injured, though no serious results are expected. The first intimation the family had that something had happened, was the arrival of the horse at home without the wagon. Mrs. Sebold's age was 53 years. She was a daughter of the late Thomas Cherry, of this place, and a sister to Mrs. George T. Gray, also of this town." 
Sebold, Ella (I42064)
9 "Sprague Families in America", by Dr. Warren Vincent Sprague, page 45. Thomas Sprague, after serving in the Revolutionary War, moved to Massachusetts and later to Ballstown, NY. In 1802, he removed to what is now Hannibal, NY, and became the owner of 640 acres of bounty land in the military tract. Here he had no near neighbors until 1805, when a number of pioneers from the Eastern states settled at Hannibal Centre. He and his wife died on the same day and were buried in one grave. Sprague, Thomas Sr (I13382)
10 "Two Samuel and Hannah Hutchinses of Massachusetts and Maine", by David Kendall Martin in TAG, Vol 73 [July 1998], pp. 172-175:

"During the early eighteenth century, there were two contemporary Samuel Hutchinses, one in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts, and the other in Kittery, York County, Maine, who each married a woman named Hannah. The possibility of confusing them has apparently not been recognized by family historians, with the result that the wife of one is sometimes assigned, without comment, as wife of the other-- even by the same author. For example, inDescendants of John Hutchins of Newbury and Haverhill, Massachusetts, compiled by Edwin Colby Byam and edited by Jack Randolph Hutchins, we find that Samuel3 Hutchins (1682-1778), son of Joseph2 Hutchins (John1) and Joanna (Corliss) of Haverhill, married in Newbury, Massachusetts on 4 January 1715/6, Hannah Merrill, daughter of John and Lucy (Webster) Merrill. In 1976 Jack Randolph Hutchins published The Story of Jacob Hutchins of Athol, Massachusetts, Revolutionary Soldier, wherein he placed on a chart of the descendants of Enoch1 Hutchins and Mary (Stevenson) of Kittery, their son Samuel2 Hutchins (ca. 1685-1742) as husband of Hannah Merrill. In Hugh Hutchins of Old England, Jack Randolph Hutchins repeated his identification of the wife of Samuel Hutchins, son of Enoch, as Hannah Merrill; and in Robert Hutchins of Colonial America, he gave the same identification on page 334, while on pages 408 and 410 he noted Samuel Hutchins, the son of Joseph and Johannah (Corliss) Hutchins, as husband of Hannah Merrill.

The answer lies in the arrangement of entries for the vital records entered in the transcribed "Haverhill Town Meeting Records 1643-1724, 2 & 3", when compared with the wills of each of the two Samuel Hutchinses.

One Samuel Hutchins was born in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts, on 20 August 1682, a son of Joseph and Joanna (Corliss) Hutchins, "Mr. Samuel Hutchins of Norwich, formerly of Haverhill in Massachusetts Bay", died at Norwich, New London County, Connecticut, on 15 May 1778, aged 96 years, 9 months and two days, leaving a will dated 23 May 1774 and proved on 2 June 1778, in which he mentions his children Hannah, Samuel, Abigail Fales, and Nathan. No wife is mentioned in the will. The vital records of Haverhill show as children of Samuel Hutchins and Hannah "Marrill": Samuel born on 17 September 1716, Hannah born on 1 May 1717 [sic: 1718?], Nathan born on 1 April 1722, and Abigail born on 1 June 1724. The death of Hannah, wife of Samuel Hutchins on 9 June 1744 is also recorded.

Meanwhile, about 25 miles northeast of Haverhill, the parish records of the First Church and Society of Kittery, Maine, note that in 1714 another Samuel Hutchins was one of the eighteen subscribers to the church's covenant. This Samuel was the son of Enoch Hutchins of Kittery. Enoch had married on 5 April 1664, Mary Stevenson.

Although the year of this Samuel's birth is usually given as about 1685, he must have been born earlier, say about 1677, since he was given a land grant in Kittery in 1699. He and his brother Benjamin were the original administrators of the estate of their Brother Enoch Hutchins Jr., who died in Kittery on 2 April 1706. They were replaced by Enoch's widow on 13 January 1706/7, after her return from captivity in Canada, where she had been taken on 4 May 1705.

The Kittery First Church and Society parish records note on 26 April 1719 the baptism of infants: Sarah Hutchins, Caleb Hutchins, Samuel Hutchins, Hannah Hutchins and Simeon Hutchins. No parents are named, however, the will cited below makes clear these are the children of Samuel Hutchins of Kittery. Given the normal two year interval between single births, this would indicate a marriage date of say 1710.

During the 1720s, this Samuel lived briefly in Essex County, Massachusetts. In 1724 Samuel sold his dwelling in Kittery. On 4 March 1723/4, John Webster Jr., of Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts, weaver for £363 sold to Mr. Samuel Hutchins of Kittery, yeoman, the farm in Salisbury "I now live on". On 11 May 1727, Samuel Hutchins of Salisbury, yeoman, for £400 sold this land to Mr. Edward Brown of "Reding". The same day Hannah Hutchins surrendered her dower rights, and both acknowledged the deed. By 30 June 1729, Samuel had settled in Arundel, Maine, where Samuel [his X mark] Hutchins, husbandman, of Arundel, York County, wrote his will on 20 October 1742, naming his wife Hannah and nine children. He died before 28 December 1742, the date his will was probated. His widow hannah died on 9 June 1747. Samuel and Hannah had ten children: the five whose baptisms are given above, and apparently born after 1719: Mary, Lydia, Joseph, Levi, and David, each named in his will, which also names children Simeon, Caleb, Samue, and Hannah. [no Sarah]

Newbury, Massachusetts, vital records note the marriage of Samuel Hutchins to Hannah Merrill, both of Haverhill, on 4 January 1715/6. As we have seen, this marriage has been attributed to both Samuel and Hannah of Haverhill and Samuel and Hannah of Kittery, Salisbury, and Arundel.

When the wills of these two Samuels are compared with the family record of Samuel Hutchins and Hannah "Marrill" preserved in the Haverhill Town Records, it is clear that the Samuel Hutchins who married Hannah Merrill was the son of Joseph and Johannah (Corliss) Hutchins of Haverhill.

Hannah merrill's family is revealed by Essex County. Massachusetts, deeds where it is recorded that on 26 July 1720 Lucy Merrill, widow of John Merrill late of Haverhill, who had been appointed administrator of his estate on 11 November 1707, deeded to "my son-in-law Samuel Hutchins & my son Nathaniel Merrill", both of Haverhill, 25 acres in haverhill, bounded west by Joseph Hutchins, "my father[-in-law] Nathaniel Merrill late of Newbury did give to my children.

The identity of Hannah, wife of Samuel2 Hutchins (Enoch1) of Kittery remains unknown."
Hutchins, Samuel Sr (I17561)
11 "Wandering Back, Volume II", by Henry Franklin Hammack, pag e 6

"WILLIAM HAMMACK a "cooper", and Christian, his wife, wer e granted 161 acres of land in Yeocomico forest, in Old Rap pahannock County. Virginia, also 3000 acres in Farnham Pari sh, March 3, 1672, and is designated as the "olest settler " there. We do not know the date of his arrival in Virgini a from England, but it probably was not long before the dat e of the Land Grant. On January 1, 1699, Lady Culpepper an d Lord and Lady Fairfax sold to him some land in nearby "No rthern Neck," and he aquired other lands in Westmoreland Co unty, "adjoining Robert MIDDLETON," belieed to have been hi s father-in-law."

3 July 1730: William Hammack wrote his will in Richmond Co. , VA.

In the name of God, Amen. I William Hammack of the Paris h of Farnham in the County of Richmond (Co., VA) ---------- ---
Item. I leave my loving wife the use of my Plantation wher e I now live and all the Rest of my Estate during her natur al life, she maintaining my three Grandchildren , William , John, and Mary Hamock which now lives with me untill the y come of the age of Twenty One years or the day of Marriag e.

Item. I give to my son Benedict Hammock my land where I no w live, after the death of my wife, to him and the heirs o f his body lawfully begotten and for want of sure heirs t o my son Robert Hammock and the heirs of his Body lawfull y Begotton and fro want of sure heirs to the next heir of l aw.

Item.I give to my Granson John Hamock Thirty Acres of lan d I gave my son Ben Hamock Joyning to the lands of Swilva n and Cralle to him and the heirs of his body Lawfully Bego ttton and fro want of sure heirs to my son Ben and the heir s of his Body lawfully Begotton and for want of sure hei r to tthe next heir at law.

Item. I give to my son Ben Hamock my negro man Sam he payin g a Raitable (?) part of him to all the Rest my children.

Item. I give to my son Robert Hamock all the land where m y son Ben lives to him and the heirs of his body lawfully b egotton and dfor want of sure heir to my son Ben and the he irs of his Body lawfully -----

Item. I leave all the rest of my Estate after the death o f my wife to be equally divided amongst all my children.

Item. My will and pleasure is that my Ext. doe maintain m y three Grandchildren after the death of my wife till the y come to age aforementioned.

Item. My desire is that my two sons Ben and Robert doe loo k after my whole Estate and take care of my wife and thre e grandchildren.

Item. I constitute and appoint my two sons Ben and Robert H ammock my Exrs. to see this my last will and Testament dul y performed, singned with my hand and Sealed with myh sea l this 3d day of July 1730.

Signed, Sealed and published in presents of
Tho: Barber
Alex: Clark (signed) William Hammack
John Elmore

William Hammack died 7 Jul 1730 in North Farnham Ph., Richm ond Co., VA

Called "the Elder" since his father had two sons named Will iam. When William Hammack acquired a title in 1656, it evid ently was to clear title to the land on which his father ha d settled some 21 years before, and William thus became th e "first settler" in Yeocomico Forest. As no other bearin g the name Hammack, or similar name,
appeared in America during the period 16-1700, 
Hammock, William (I6144)
12 # Event: Revolutionary War Soldier; private in Virginia Troops Military
# Event: Edgecombe County, North Carolina purchase from John Barnes of Edgecombe County, North Carolina Property 16 Oct 1765
# Event: Bounty Land in Washington County, Georgia Property 1784
# Occupation: He was a Deacon of the Upton's Creek Baptist Church of Wilkes County, Georgia 1785
# Religion: Baptist 1785
# Occupation: He was ordained a Minister of Greenwood Baptist Church (formerly Upton's Creek Church) in now Lincoln County, Georgia 1810
# Will: Lincoln County, Georgia 29 Dec 1829
# Probate: Lincoln County, Georgia 23 Jul 1831

Amelia County Militia, 1758

John Hammock

"A 1790 CENSUS FOR WILKES COUNTY, GEORGIA, Prepared from ta x returns with abstracts of the 1790 Tax Returns", Compile d by Frank Parker Hudson:

P. 20 BENTLEY - also Brantly, Bently

MAP District/ #NOTE/page

* William, Jr.HC

Page 40 -- HAMMOCK - also see Hammack, etc
MAP DistrictNOTE/page
Benedict (estate)ID
John, Sr.GA
John, Sr.ID
John, Jr.GF
Lewis, Sr.HH-96106
Robert, SrHH-94106
Robert, Jr.IID
Robert, Jr.HH-95106
William, Sr.GA
William, JrGA

Page 60 -- PARKINSON - also Parkason, Parkinson, Parkes

MAP district/#NOTE/page

District G -- This area included: The town of Amity, Leath erville, Lloyds Creek, Dozier Creek, Gray's Creek in the so uthwest corner of what is now Lincoln County.

District GG -- This area is now in the eastern part of Gree ne County near the border with what remains to be Wilkes Co unty.

District H -- This area included: Uptons Creek and Keemp s Creek in what is now the southeast corner of Wilkes Count y. "The tax returns for this district for 1790 have not b een found, ...." except for seven defaulters. "Except fo r these few defaulters, all persons included in this censu s as residents of this district are noted as being in 178 7 or 1791 or both."

Note A - The tax returns for the district in which this tax payer probably resided in 1790 are missing, so there is n o tax record to show that he actually was a resident. Howe ver, the taxpayer is recorded for both the indicated distri ct or the 1787 district from which the indicated district w as made, and for the indicated district in 1791 or a distri ct made therefrom. Therefore, there is an almost certain p robability the taxpayer did reside in the indicated
district in 1790.

Note C - The tax returns for the district in which this tax payer probably resided in 1790 are missing, so there is n o tax record to show that he actually was there. However , this taxpayer is recorded for 1791 in the indicated
district or a district made therefrom. Therefore, there i s a very good probability the taxpayer did reside in the in dicated district in 1790.

* See note C above for WIlliam BENTLEY Jr. This land was lo cated on Upton's Creek and Keemps Creek in what continues t o be (Southeastern) Wilkes County, Georgia today. Upton' s Creek is where Upton Creek Baptist Church was constitute d in 1784, with Peter SMITH as Pastor (Charter Member of th e Georgia Baptist Association. He was also a co-executor o f William BENTLEY Sr's will dated 26th of Feb. 1791) John B ENTLEY was a Deacon of this church in 1785 along with Bened ict HAMMOCK. Gideon ANSERSON donated a total of 2 acres fo r the meetinghouse to the Deacons of the church; John BENTL EY and Benedict HAMMOCK. In 1791, John HOLMES, husband o f Chloe BENTLEY, daughter of William BENTLEY Sr., was ordai ned a Minister. William GREEN was ordained a Minister her e in 1791 as well. This Church was finally moved to Lincol n County, Georgia (in the southwestern corner of the count y almost touching the county line with Wilkes County) in 18 12 and the name was changed to Greenwood Baptist Church.

"Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia, Volume III" , page 101

JOHN HAMMOCK, born in Virginia, 1756; died Lincoln county , Georgia, 1831. Served as private, Virginia Troops. Rece ived bounty land for his services 1784, Washington County , Georgia. Married (1) 1778, Phoebe PASCHALL (1760-about 1 808); Married (2) Sarah THORNTON, widow. Lived in Wilke s (now Lincoln) County, Georgia.

Children by (1) wife:
1. Samuel, mar. Elizabeth
2. Paschal, mar. (1) Zilpha GREEN (2) Miss HUGHES.
3. William
4. John, mar. Ann _____
5. Elijah mar. Polly CHAPMAN
6. Charles
7. Thomas
8. Feraby, mar. _______MUNFORD
9. Margaret, mar. _______ GREEN
10. Elizabeth, mar. ROLING
11. Reliance
12. David

RW Soldier John HAMMOCK, b ca 1755, filed 18 Apr 1818 in Gr ainger Co TN for his RW Pension, declaring that he reside d in Pittsylvania County, Virginia when he enlisted. A Will iam WILLIAMS, clergyman, witnessed his affidavit (RW Pensio n File S2601, White)

Several children of John & Sarah MABRY Combs resided in Gra inger Co TN. (Grainger Co TN Census Records for John HAMMOC K yet to be checked).

RW Soldier William HAMMOCK, born 15 Jun 1760, Amelia County , Virginia, applied for his pension 17 Dec 1832, Union Co , KY, and declared that he resided in Anson County, North C arolina when he enlisted and that after the RW he moved t o Georgia, then Kentucky (RW Pension File S15442, White

RW Soldier Abraham HAMMAN [sic], b 1753-1754, New Jersey, a pplied for his RW Pension 13 Nov 1832, Vermillion Co, IN, d eclaring that he lived in Rockingham County, Virginia at en listment, and that after the RW, he moved to Wilkes Co GA w here he m Charity ----- 3 Mar 1783 or 1784. He died 2 Mar 1 844, and his widow applied 31 Mar 1846, Vermillion Co IN, a ged 83, naming children (not necessarily all): Anne 2nd da u b 8 Jun 1787 & m Nicholas CARTER; Ruth, wife of Geo. PHEN ICE, Nancy, Eve, John, William, Jeremiah, Abraham, Georg e & Isaac. (RW Pension File W1008, White)


p. 94

HAMMOCK, John, 12/29/1829: 7/23/1831, P250

Sons: David (Lincoln and Wilkes Co. Land); Elijah, Wllis, S r., Paschal, Thomas.

Grch: Heirs of Samuel Hammock, Viz...Thomas B. and John B . Hammock; Susannah STRINGFIELD.

Grch: Heirs of Son, John, Jr., Viz...William G., Jeremaih , John G., Simeon; Eliza MONCRIEF.

Dau : Fereby MUMFORD; Elizabeth ROLING; Margaret GREEN; Rel iance STEDHAM.

Exrs: John H. WALKER, William PASCHAL, William MONCRIEF.

Southern Lineages by Wynn, page 86

Early Georgia Wills, Lincoln County, Georgia, Page 10

Page 250 -- HAMMOCK, John. December 29, 1829; July 23, 183 1. To son David, the land in Lincoln County and in Wilke s County, whereon he lives. To grandchildren, the heirs o f Samuel HAMMOCK, deceased, whose names are Thomas B. and J ohn B. HAMMOCK; and Susannah STRINGFIELD. To son William , Sr. To grandchildren, heirs of son John, Jr. to wit: W illiam G. , Jeremiah, John G. Simeon HAMMOCK and Elizabet h MONCRIEF. To son Elijah, To daughter, Fereby MUMFORD. T o son Paschal; To daughter Elizabeth Roling; To son Charle s. To daughter, Margaret GREEN. To daughter Reliance STED HAM. To sons Thomas and David. Executors: John H. WALKER , William PASCHAL, William MONCRIEF. Witnesses: Jeremia h ROBERTS, Grant T. ROBERTS.

"Southern Lineages. Records of Thirteen Families", by Wynn , page 85

"The Virginia records have established the lineage of the W ilkes and Lincoln Counties (Georgia) Hammock family, vi a a temporary home in the Carolinas."

October 16, 1765, John HAMMOCK, "of County of Amelia, in Vi rginia," from John BARNES of Edgecombe County, North Caroli na, planter, "20 lb. current money of Virginia paid by sai d John HAMMOCK for "tract of land containing 125 acres lyin g on Tyansoca Swamp, south side of Tar River." granted to J ack FLOWERS by Lord GRANVILLE July 2, 1760; from him to Tho mas BARNES and from said Thomas BARNES to John BARNES. (De ed Book C, page 376.) Edgecombe County, north Carolina.

"Bertie County, North Carolina, 1759-1772, Abstracts of Dee d Book "C", page 181
DB C-376 John (X) BARNES of Edgecombe County (NC), Planter , to JOHN HAMMACK of Amelia County, Virginia, October 16, 1 765, for L20 Virginia money a tract of 125 acres lying on T yancoca Swamp adjoining Williford, which land was a Granvil le grant to Jacob FLOWERS by deed bearing date July 2, 1760 , conveyed by him to Thomas BARNES, and from him to said Jo hn BARNES. Witness: Thomas WILLIFORD, Richard SWANSON, Du n. LAMON

Edgecombe. Co., NC Db 3, page 85, deed date 5 May 1765, rec orded Apr Ct 1776, JOHN HAMMOCK, Edgecombe County to Reniso n TISDALE, county aforesaid for 40 pounds, a tract of lan d on the south side of Beaver Dam Swamp containing 50 acres , beginning at a live water oak on the south side of Beave r Dam Swamp then south to a black oak then east to a whit e oak a corner then north to said swamp then up the variou s courses of said swamp to the first station, signed John H ammock, wit Archd Lamon, Stephen Watkins. Abstracted 3-3-05 , NCA film C.037.40005, CTC.

January 5, 1766, John HAMMOCK of Edgecombe County, North Ca rolina, to Revison TISDALE, 50 acres land south side of Bea ver Dam Swamp. Stephen WATKINS, Arch LAMON, witnesses. Re corded April Court 1776 (?). (Deed Book 3, Page 85)

January 25, 1776, John HAMMOCK of Edgecombe County, North C arolina, to Stephen WATKINS, one tract of land lying on nor th side of Beaver Dam Swamp. John HAMMOCK, Arch LAMON, Du n LAMAR, witnesses. (Deed Book 3, page 84)

"Southern Lineages. Records of Thirteen Families", by Wynn , page 87

"Early Settlers of the name Hammock in the Wilkes County (G eorgia) Land Grants were probably the sons of Robert and An n Hammock of Farnham Parish (Richmond County) register.

John, born 1730; Hugh, born 1732; Robert, born 1737, and Be nedict 1740, all were suitable pioneering age. Only one, J ohn Hammock, lived beyond his "three score and ten."

The conclusion the Benedict Hammock was one of the group o f brothers is logical, but he was possibly the son of Bened ict, Sr., of Amelia County deeds. He was certainly closel y related, if not a brother. John, Hugh, Benedict, Robert , and William Hammock were all early settlers of Wilkes Cou nty, Georgia."

Southern Lineages
Page 88:

1. "John Hammock of South Carolina", so styles himself in t ransferring land granted to himself on May 24, 1786. Thi s refence is included in a deed to James Threawtt of Green e County, 287 1/2 acres lying on Shoulderbone Water (Fort C reek). The deed was made November 4, 1793, and Recorded Ma rch 19, 1794. ( Deed Book 2, p 91) Greene County.

John Hammock's grant in Wilkes County for land on Lloyd's C reek was dated March 15, 1790. He had 287 1/2 acres in Was hington County and must have been therefore a Revolutionar y soldier, The amount of land indicationg it, and many gran ts in that county were made as bounty land for Revolutionar y service. Greene County was taken from Washington, and th e tract sold to Threawtt was probably orginally in the form er county.

March 8, 1790 John Hammock Sr, receives from Sanders Walke r 25 acres "in Washingtion County near Oconee, on Waters o f Shoulderbone Creek" (but now Greene County) granted to Sa nders Walker July 4, 1787, Jane Pope, Patsy Walker, John Sm ith, witnesses. Recorded August 1, 1793. (Deed Book 1790-9 2, p. 292)

April 24, 1795 John Hammock's deed to Peter Smith-"land o n waters of Kemp Creek." (Deed Book: MM, p. 467)
A deed from John Hammock to William Paschall is recorded "2 00 acres land on Fishing Creek; Phoebe Hammock, Wife of Joh n, relinguishes right of dower." January 3, 1786. (Deed Boo k: AA, p.29)

January 24, 1792, John Hammock of Wilkes County transfers l and to Robert Tucker, "170 acres, beginning at a pine corne r on Paschall's land" (Deed Book 1790-92, p. 365)


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UN-DOCUMENTATED DATA. ALL data has been found posted on th e internet or shared via emails.

ID: I32907
Name: John Hammock , Sr.
Sex: M
Birth: 3 AUG 1730 in N.Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA
Death: 1830 in Georgia
Death: 1830


BIRTHDATE: North Farnham Parish Register.Data from Larry H ammack-1347 W Shannon-Chandler AZ 83224-3544
(95) John Sr. I was a soldier of the Revolution pg 12 Wande ring Back.

At the time of his death John Hammack was the wealthest o f any of the other Hammacks in Wilkes Co. GA., and he live d longer than any of the others. His will was dated 29 De c 1829, and was probated in 1830.

29 Dec, 1829: John Hammack,Sr, wrote his will in Lincoln Co . GA. Lincoln Co., GA Will Book D p 250-252.

Georgia, Lincoln County. In the name of God Amen. I John Ha mack Senior in the state and county aforsaid being advance d in life -----------et al.
1st, I commit my Soul to God------et al.
2nd, I commit my body to the earth and hereby will and bequ eath that all my just debts be discharged out of my estat e of 475 acres in Lincoln Co. GA and 200 acres in Wilkes wh ereon my son David Hamock now lives be sold at public aucti on along with his personal estate and the money collected a nd distributed as follows.
1. I will and bequeath to my grandchildren the heirs of m y son Samuel Hamock, dec., to wit Thomas B. Hamock, John B . Hamock and Susannah Stringfield one dollar each besides t he property already given to their father.
2. I will an bequeath to my beloved son William Hammock Sr . two dollars besides the property already given to him.
3. I will an bequeath to my grandchildren the Heirs of my s on John Hamock Jr. to wit Wiliam G. Hamock, Jeremiah Hamock , John G. Hamock, Simeon Hamock, and Eliza Moncrief one dol lar each besides the property allready given to their Farth er.
4. -----to my son Elijah Hamock two dollards besides the pr operty already given to Him
5. -----to my daughter Fereby Munford and the heirs of he r body five hundred dollars
6. -----to my son Paschall Hamock two hundred dollars besid es the property already given him.
7.-----to my daughter Elizabeth Roling and the heirs of he r body five hundred dollars.
8.-----to my son Charles Hamock two hundred dollars beside s the property already given to him.
9. ----to my daughter Margarett Green and the heirs of he r body five hundred dollars.
10.---to my daughter Patience Steadham and heir of her bod y two hundred dollars besides the property already given t o her.
11.---to my son Thomas Hamock f--- hundred dollars.
12.---to my son David Hamock five hundred dollars.
If any money remains in hands of executors it must be divid ed equally among all surviving heirs.
13.-- I ordain and appoint John H. Walker, William Pashcall , and William Moncrief Executors of this my last will and
testament to bring the same into effect. In witness whereo f I have herunto set my hand and seal his 29 Dec 1829.

Signed in presents of Jeremiah Roberts and Grant T Roberts . Signed: John Hamock, Sr.
Proved 23 July 1831
Lincoln Co. GA, Will Book D, p 250.

Paschal is only one of eight sons of John Sr. See pg 17.

John Sr I, apparently married twice, for a land deed made i n 1756 shows his wife's name as Ann, while another deed mad e in 1786 show his wife's name as Phoebe. this of course wa s Phoebe Paschal. The Paschals were early settlers in GA. , and marriage may have occured in Wilkes Co., but no recor d of it has been found.

BIRTHDATE: North Farnham Parish Register.

John served under Col Few. Born in Richmond VA, later move d to Wilkes Co. GA.
Data also by Thomas Hammack-819 Fournier-Gulfport MS 39501- 1214 e-mail

From Deed Book AA, p 29
23 Jan 1786 John Hammock to Wm. Paskal (Paschal) both of Wi lkes Co., GA, for L100, 200 acres, branch of Fishing Creek , adj. W. by Munger and Griffen, all other sides vacant., g ranted Hammock, 12 Oct 1785 (signed) John Hammock, Phebe (P hoebe) Hammock, wife of John Hammock, rel. dower rights. Si gned Phebe Hammock, Benjamin Catching , JP rec'd 23 Jan 1786

From Deed Book HH p 292
8 Mar 1790 -- Sanders Walker and Sarah, his wife, to John H ammock Sr. all of Wilkes Co GA for L100, 250 acres in Washi ngton Co. GA near Oconee River on Shoulderbone Creek (Now G reen Co GA) part of 487 1/2 acres granted Walker 14 jul 178 7 (signed ) Sanders Walker, Sarah Walker, wit: Jane Pope, J on Smith, Patcy Walker, Ack. befoe Moore JP rec'd .1 Aug 17 91

Deed Book GG p 270
25 Feb 1791---Francis Willis appoint. Danie Gaines, my atty . both of Wilkes Co to procure titles to lands I have bough t at public sale where no bond has been passed to make me t itle to: (a long list follows) then-- 287 1/2 acres grante d to John Hammock, 24 May 1786. Signed Francis Willis Wit N athl. Durkee, John Henley, Stith Barksdale. proved in ope n court by H Mounger. Reg'd 27 May 1791.

Deed Book HH p 365
24 Jan 1792--John Hammock to Robert Tucker, both of Wilke s Co., for L42, 10 shillings, 170 acres adj. Paskal Hammack , Thomas Leverett, signed John Hammock, Wit: B Catching, J P Reg'd 25 Jan 1792.

"Wilkes County, Georgia Deed Books A-VV", by Mikal Martin F armer, page 412

Deed Book "MM", 1794-1795

Page 466. 24 April 1795, John HAMMOCK to Peter SMITH, bot h of Wilkes County, for L12. land patented to said HAMMOC K in Wilkes Couinty on Kemps Creek waters, adjacent said Sm ith on PARKERSON'S BRANCH, down branch to first deep gulley , up gulleyu to head, said SMITH'S line, 22 acres. (signed ) John HAMMOCK. Witnesses: B. Catching, J. P. REgistered 2 4 April 1795.

Deed records from Deed book 00, Wilkes co., GA and Deed boo k SS pg 63 Wilkes Co. GA both list John Hammock and wife An na Hammock as purcherers of land in 10 Mar 1792 and 14 Ma r 1801.

Data on land deeds from Joan Green @ e-mail (98)

Ms. Virginia H. Buckalew - e-mail (Ma y 1998) has some different ideas on wives and children in t his family.

Data from Larry Hammack-1397 W Shannon-Chandler AZ 83224-35 44 (95)[Henry Mae Wall.FTW]

John Hammock

Father: Robert S. Hammock , Sr. b: ABT. 1695
Mother: Anne Lambert b: 14 FEB 1698/99 in North Farnham Ph. , Richmond Co,,VA

Marriage 1 Reliance Paschall b: 8 DEC 1749 in Granville, No rth Carolina

Married: 1770 in Warren, North Carolina
Married: ABT. 1774 in Amelia Co., VA


[Wm O Hammock.FTW]




1. Samuel Hammock b: ABT. 1775
2. John Hammock , Jr b: 4 MAR 1776 in Amelia Co., VA
3. Elijah Hammock b: ABT. 1780 in Amelia Co., VA
4. Paschal Hammock b: JUN 1782 in Old Ninety Six District , SC
5. David Hammock b: 1784 in Amelia Co., VA

Marriage 2 Phoebe Paschal b: ABT. 1777

Married: BEF. 1786
Note: 2nd wife


1. Patience Hammock b: ABT. 1798
2. Thomas Hammock b: ABT. 1800
3. William Hammock b: ABT. 1802 in Amelia Co., VA
4. Margaret Hammock b: ABT. 1804 in Amelia Co., VA
5. Pheriby Hammock b: ABT. 1806 in Amelia Co., VA
6. Charles Hammock b: ABT. 1808 in Amelia Co., VA
7. Reliance Hammock b: ABT. 1810 in Amelia Co., VA
8. Elizabeth Hammock b: ABT. 1812 in GA

Marriage 3 Sarah Thornton (widow) b: ABT. 1787

Married: 2 NOV 1809


1. William Thornton b: ABT. 1755 in VA

Southern Lineages, Records of Thirteen Families, by Wynn, p age 86

Remnant of oldest deed book, 1784-85, Wilkes County (not bo und, partly gone). "Gideon ANDERSON to the Deacons of th e Baptist Society of Upton's Creek Meeting House*, viz: Jo hn BENTLEY and Benedict HAMMOCK "all the land where the sai d meeting house stands, and two acres; and the use of the s pring" for five shillings, September 24, 1785. Peter SMIT H, Mark SANDERS, Testators. (Volume 1, page 236.)

*GREENWOOD CHURCH was first established, 1784, in East Wilk es County under the name of "Upton Creek Church, " and is s upposed to have been an arm of old Keokee, first Baptist ch urch in Georgia. After a few years it was moved further ea st, though still in Wilkes County, and its name changed t o "Greenwood". This was about 1791. In 1820 it was moved a gain to its present location just over in Lincoln County . Old records do not give names of any of the old heads ex cept the pastors.

"If you remember, Upton Creek, the first name of Greenwoo d church, has more real historic connections than any plac e in Georgia. It was on this creek that the first water po wer, or any kind of power, was started in 1790. In 1791 El i WHITNEY bought the old mill dam and wheel, built his sho p and invented the cotten gin (this in not the spot where h e invented the cotten gin, but he did use this place to hel p perfect it) and ginned the first bale of cotten in the Un ited States.

"In 1810, the first cotton factory south of Massachusetts w as built there and the old rock pile is still there, wher e the old house fell down. On this creek the rich Jew, Abr am SIMONS, whose money founded Mercer University, lived. H is widow married Jesse MERCER." -- Letter of J. Luke Burdet t, Washington, Georgia, March 22, 1935.

"A Brief History of Greenwood Baptist Church" by Mrs. J. Ro bert Eubanks (Hazel Bentley), 1978, page 15

1788 - Pastor: Peter SMITH; Messengers: Hezekiah BUSSY, Joh n BENTLEY, John CHANDLER
1792 - Pastor: Peter SMITH; Messengers: Balaam BENTLEY
1793 - Pastor: Peter SMITH; Messengers: Balaam BENTLEY
1798 - Pastor: William GREEN; Messengers: Balaam BENTLEY
1803 - Pastor: William GREEN; Messengers: John BENTLEY, T homas LEVERETT
1804 - Pastor: William GREEN; Messengers: John HAMBRICK ( Hammock), Levin PARKSON (PARKINSON)
1806 - Pastor: Stephen STAFFORD; Messengers: James BENTLEY , Thomas LEVERETT

Note 1: This James BENTLEY cannot be the brother of John B entley, Sr. and William BENTLEY, III. John and William' s Brother, James, died in 1798 in Oglethorpe County, Georg ia. Therefore this James must be James BENTLEY, son of Wil liam BENTLEY, III. James married Rachel PARKINSON, daughte r of Levin PARKINSON.
Note 2: Thomas LEVERETT, born May 12, 1755 in Virginia, w as the son of William LEVERETT and Rachel WATTS. Thomas m arried Marg (Mary) G. GRIFFIN and they had the following ch ildren all born in Wilkes County, Georgia: (1) Jeremiah, (2 ) Katherin, (3) Mariah, (4) Gideon, (5) Thomas, (6)Matilda , and (7) Almelda, (8) Abraham b. 18 Mar 1811, and (9) Mar y Elizabeth :1499342&id=I65318803 rgwalker&id=I364

"1784-1984 Bicentennial Celebration Greenwood Baptist Churc h, Amity Community, Lincolnton, Georgia"
Historical notes compiled by Hazel Bentley Eubanks.

1784 - Church instituted. Peter SMITH Pastor (Church origi nally named Upton's Creek Baptist Church)
1785 - Deacons: John BENTLEY and Benedict HAMMOCK
1791 - John HOLMES ordained a Minister
1807 - Captain Isaac WELBORN and Esquire William QUINN chos en as trustees to act in building meetinghouse.
1810 - John HAMMOCK ordained a Minister
1811 - Trustees elected: John H. WALKER, William MONCRIEF , Levin PARKINSON, George ZOELNER, John HAMMOCK.
1833 - Messengers from the Church voted with the associatio n on the founding of Mercer Institute at Penfield. Trustee s John BENTLEY (son of Balaam), Richard T. Holiday, Denni s PASCHAL, Samuel WRIGHT, and Benjamin BENTLEY (son of Bala am) were authorized to sell land belonging to Church. Sol d to Allen HOLIDAY. oldham&id=I20060
In 1807 Captain Isaac WELBORN, along with Esquire William Q UINN, were chosen as trustees to build the new Greenwood Ch urch "meetinghouse". Isaac Wellborn is thought to have bee n a Lt. during the Revolutionary War from Orange County, No rth Carolina; born 30 JAN 1758 and died 22 JAN 1839 in Hunt sville, Madison County, Alabama. His wife was Mary "Molly " BURTON born 1758 in Faquier County, Virginia. The parent s of Isaac were William WELBORN, born 1733 in WIlkes County , North Carolina and his wife, Hepzibah STERNS, born 1733 i n North Carolina. They had children: (1) Shelton, (2) Isaa c Sterns, (3) Mary, (4) William, (5) Elias, (6) Nancy, an d (7) Levicy.
He moved to Georgia then to Madison Co., Alabama where he d ied. He was the oldest son of William Wellborn and Hebziba h Stearns and the executor of their wills. The 1850 Censu s of Madison Co., Ala. shows a Mary Wellborn, Born Virginia , aged 93 (widow of Isaac), Elias Wellborn, age 54, born Ge orgia, Fanny Wellborn, age 46 born Georgia, Isaac 17, Elia s 13, Robert 11, and Samuel 7, all born in Alabama, also Sa lly M. Wilbern 59 born Virginia with Fred, Martha, Rebecca , and Nathaniel all born Alabama, and a William Wellborn, 3 0 born Alabama and Daniel Wellborn 22, born Alabama.

Note1: Captain Isaac WELBORN was the brother of Abner WELBO RN who married Martha RENDER. Their parents were William W ELLBORN born in 1733 in Roway (Rowan Co. ?), North Carolin a and Hepsibeth STEARNS born about 1737 in Roway, North Car olina.
Note 2: Rachel GARTRELL, daughter of Francis GARTRELL an d sister to Elizabeth GARTRELL, married John WELLBORN in Wi lkes County, Georgia. Elizabeth GARTRELL married Lewis BEN TLEY, brother of John BENTLEY, Sr. 
Hammock, John Sr (I6059)
13 Smith, Sarah Ann (I12889)
14 (Louis the Fat), 1081-1137, king of France (1108-37). He succeeded his father, Philip I, with whom he was associated in government from c.1100.

He firmly established his authority within the royal domain, suppressing brigandage by robber barons and besieging their castles, and punishing wrongdoers. He continued his father's policy of opposing the English in Normandy and was almost continuously at war with King Henry I (1109-13, 1116-20, 1123-35); he often met with defeat, but his resistance checked a greater English advance.

In 1124 he called up forces from far-flung regions of France; with strong support from the nobles he resisted the invasion of Holy Roman Emperor Henry V, who had come to the aid of Henry I. As a part of his plan for strengthening royal authority, Louis favored the church, liberally endowing its enterprises and selecting churchmen-notably the Abbâe Suger -as his ministers; he was vigorous, however, in enforcing his privilege of interference in ecclesiastical affairs.

To gain support from the towns, he began to grant them royal charters. He obtained a foothold in Guienne (Aquitaine) by marrying his son Louis (his successor as Louis VII) to the heiress of the duchy, Eleanor of Aquitaine . His enforcement of order and justice made Louis popular with the middle classes, the peasantry, and the clergy. Suger's Vie de Louis VI Le Gros (tr. 1964) is the standard monography for the history of Louis's reign. 
France, King of the Franks Louis VI of (I10588)
15 1217 Vine Street Griffith, Kerfort Moore (I39941)
16 129624009 Hoschar, Arthur Edward (I44845)
17 1587: Birth recorded in parish register.

1607: Might have sailed to Jamestown with Captain John Smith.

1618 11 18: Granted land by Sir John Harvey. Location uncertain.

1621/22: Sailed to Virginia on the "Charitie".

1623: His wife Sarah followed on the "Sea Flower".

1623-1624 Burgess of Hogg Island.

1624: Lived at Hog(g) Island, opposite Jamestown, granted one rood, nine poles near his house in James City, was York County Justice. Is mentioned in the 1624 Jamestown census entry for his servant Roger Delk, who came aboard the Southampton and was recorded on 1624-02-04.

1636: Granted 1200 acres in Charles River (later York) County.

1639/40 01 17: Mentioned in father's will.

1642-1644: Burgess of York County.

1644-1650: Moved for a while to Anne Arundel Co., Maryland following a Puritan massacre.

1652: York County Justice. 
Chew, Colonel John (I2661)
18 1737, July 23, "Petition. Subscribers beg leave to acquaint your Honors of the great hardship we are like to labour under by reason of Thos. Chester's pressing forward upon us to make a waggon road through the Blue Ridge in a gap called Chester's Gap where we think it is impossible for us or any body to make a good waggon road, which is a great disincouragment to us all by reason we came a great way here and undergone great hardships and have wasted great part of our estates in coming and can scarce get bread for our children for want of land clear'd. *We have found a good gap in the said ridge a litle below Chester's that we think is as suitable from his ferry place to market as the other which gap we are all willing to make a good waggon road by reason that nature has done abundantly more formin that gap than the other. The petitioners for Chester's Ferry was unacquainted with the laws of this colony. They knew nothing of a waggon road that was to be made in that gap at the time they subscribed, only the ferry, they not mistrustine his having an advantage by their endeavouring to do him a kindness that he would make use of any stratagem striving to ruin his neighbours thereby.

[Signatories include Just Heid, Robeurt Warth, Jorg Kaller." S. Orange County, Virginia Deed Books, 1735-43, Judgments 1735-36, John Frederick Dorman, 1961.

1748, January 6, "Inventory of Estate of George Kealer Deced According to the Appraisement.....Signed George Bowman, Isaac Hite, Robt Warth. At a Court held for Frederick County on Tuesday Eighth August 1749. This Appraisement of Estate of George Keeler Deceased was presented into Court by Lewis Stephens, Administrator & admitted to Record. JWood C. C." S. Volume 9, #1 Spring, 1996, "Frederick Findings", Page 13, provided by E. E. Kellar. Get original copies of this and ancillary material. This could be high impact.1758, February 8, "These are names of soldiers appearing in the court minutes and orders of individual counties in Virginia.....

Abraham Keller, Lt." S. Virginia's Colonial Soldiers, Lloyd D. Bockstruck, 1988, Page 16. Get Copy of Original1760, August 6, "On the motion of Abraham Keller It is ordered that he and Jacob Moyer be added to the list of tithables." S. Original Record, Frederick Co, VA Order Book 9, 1769-62, Page 113, D. Helmer's file.


1758, February 8, "These are names of soldiers appearing in the court minutes and orders of individual counties in Virginia..... Abraham Keller, Lt." S. Virginia's Colonial Soldiers, Lloyd D. Bockstruck, 1988, Page 16.

1761, October, "Official list of officers and men of the Frederick county militia as recorded in deed book no. 18 in the county clerk's office September 2, 1756..... Abraham Keller, Lt." S. "Officers and Men of Frederick County Militia in the Year 1756" at IN State Library, 973.2 v817 no. 1.

1768, April 13, "Abraham Kellar and Peter Rufner, of Frederick County, contracted with the Vestry of Frederick to build a church building at Ephraim Leith's Spring near the South River of Shenandoah, for forty nine pounds current money. ("The Fairfax Proprietary", Page 82.)" S. E. E. Kellar's narrative.

ca. 1768, "Abraham Kellar's first wife died following birth of their youngest child, William. Abraham Kellar later married Elizabeth Painter, widow of Peter Painter. (Biog. of William Kellar in V. 37, Filson Club Quarterly; record of settlement of Abraham Kellar estate.)" S. E. E. Kellar's narrative.

1772, April 17, "Abraham Kellar listed as a justice of Dunmore County, probably one of the original justices. Also listed as one of the 'Gentlemen justices' present at Dunmore County Court sessions at Woodstock in Sept. 1774. Also appears on a list of Governor Patrick Henry, dated June 29, 1778, authorizing various persons to qualify as justices. (History of Shenandoah County, Wayland, Pages 105, 106, 121.)" S. E. E. Kellar's narrative.

"Following are the names of the twelve vestrymen to whom Brubaker and his wife deeded the two lots in question:.....Abraham Keller.....George Keller.....*These man, as to place of residence, were pretty widely distributed over the parish. Abraham Keller, for example, lived near Front Royal.....A. Keller.....were also county magistrates in 1774 and thereabouts .....*Seven of these twelve vestrymen, Abraham Keller, George Keller.....were evidently Germans." S. History of Shenandoah County, Virginia, Wayland, Page 401.
1775, "A list of the persons in Dunmore County, certifying whether they be male or female, white or black, and of the males whether they be under or over sixteen years, taken by John Netherton (now Page and Warren Counties). Males 16 years old Abraham Keller, 3W, males under 16, 2W, Females 3W." S.

Revolutionary War Records, Virginia, Brumbaugh, 1967. [Assumptions: Jacob was married and had left home, Abraham [father] and sons Abraham and Isaac were the 3W over 16, Joseph and William were the 2W under 16, second wife Elizabeth, daughters Rachel and Elizabeth were the 3W females.]

1778, April 23, "Abraham Keller, senr, 149 A. adj. the line called the Grant Line, his own line and William Overall. CC John Wydick, Joseph Keller. Surv Amos Hough. [Note: R-59 (page) NN Survey A page 317}." S. Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants and Surveys, 1710 - 1780, Volume III, Peggy Shomo Joyner.

1778, December 14, "R-50: Colonel [First mention of Colonel] Abraham Kellar of Shannandoah Co. 149 A. near S.R. of Shannandoah in said Co. Surv. John Hough. Near Grant Line." S. Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, Volume III, 1775 - 1800, Gertrude E. Gray. [Reread source document. Copies can be obtained from several sources.][E. E. Kellar's narrative gives the source as Deed Book G, Page 15, Shenandoah County]

1781, October 27, "Shanando County Oct 27 1781. This is to certify that Abraham Keller hath furnished one beef weight adjudged two hundred and fifty pounds at two pence per pound to be paid with the depreseation for the use of the Continental Army witness my hand Samuel Porter Commif ??? Law." S. Copy of Original Record, [Recorded in Shenandoah Co, VA, Court Book Page 4, # 120, he was paid L2 Aug 29, 1782, also County Minute Book B [1781-1785] Page 46.], from D. Helmer's file.

1782, May, "Twelve persons appointed as trustees of the Town of Woodstock, including Abraham Kellar and George Kellar. (Page 133, History of Shenandoah County, Wayland)." S. E. E. Kellar's narrative.

1783, "List of Alexander Hite, Name of Head of Family, Keller, Abraham, White 6 [Assumption: Abraham, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Rachel, Joseph, William], Black 2." S. Heads of Families---Virginia, 1783, Shenandoah Co, D. Helmer's file.

1784, "Abraham and Racheal McKay to Jeremiah McKay 425 a. in the Fork District. Witnesses Abraham Keller and John Netherstone." S. File 175-1D Front Royal Archives.

1784-5, "Abraham Kellar represented Dunmore (Shenandoah) County in the Virginia House of Delegates. Also indicated that he served as Sheriff at one time. (History of Shenandoah County, Wayland, Page 613.)" S. E. E. Kellar's narrative. Get Copy.

1785, "Abraham Keller, Whites 24-2, Slaves 16-1, Slaves U16-1, Horses 6, Cattle 15." S. Copy Original Record, Shenandoah Co, VA Tax List, D. Helmer's File.

1785, "Among prominent citizens of Shenandoah in 1783, not already mentioned, who were credited with four or fewer blacks, we Abraham Keller with two." S. Unknown but page heading is entitled "The Census of 1785."

1787, "Keller Abraham __,__100,9.9, 48,15,--,--,14, 7 1/2." S. Copy Original Record, Shenandoah Co, VA Land Book, Taxes 14, D. Helmer's file.

1787, April 16, "In the name of god amen this sixteent day of April in year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven. I Abram Keller of Shenandoah County and State of Virginia being very sick and in body but yet of perfect sound mind and memory thanks be to god therefore calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men living on ???? ??? do make & ordain this my last will & testament that is today principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul unto the hands of the almighty god that gave it and my body to the earth to be buryed in a Christian manner at the discretion of my Executor. Nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall rise again by the might power of god and as touching such thins where with it hath pleased god so ????? me with in this life I give ???? and dispose of the same in manner following.

*I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth one third part of all my ?rail? & personal estate after all debts dues and demands discharged which may be against the estate whom I also with my beloved son Joseph Kellard constitute appoint and ordain my only and soul executor of this my last will and testament.

*I give and bequeath to my son William the plantation whereon I now live to be his heirs and his heirs for ever after a valuation of being made upon the same and in manner following, that is William shall have a full and equal part of the moveable estate with John Jose and Rachel and Elizabeth and the land to be valued by two discrete and equally divided between John Jose Rachal & Elizabeth.

*After my wife Elizabeths full third of the estate the remainder is the equally divided between my beloved children that is to say John Keller Jose Keller William Kellar Rachael Keller and Elizabeth Kellar each of them to have an equal part of the moveable estate and I do hereby disallow utterly revoke and dismissal every other former testament wills and legacies formerly by one appointed confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament in ?... whereof I have ?... set my hand and soul this 20th day of April 1787.

Signed sealed published pronounced and declared in the presence of us Peter Miller, George McKay, Charles Catlett.

Signed Abram Kellar.

*At a court held for the County of Shenandoah on Thursday the 26th day of April 1787. *The last will & testament of Abram Keller decd was executed to the court by Joseph Keller executor therein named & was proved by the oaths of Peter Miller & George McKay witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded on the motion of the said executor a probate whereof in due form is granted him he having qualified to the same and given bond & security according to law. Test John Williams.

*Know all men by these presents that we Joseph Keller Edwin Young Henry Fink & Jerimiah McKay are held & firmly bound unto Abm Bird Abrm Hite George Keller & John Anderson gentl Justices of the County of Shenandoah now sitting in the sum of two thousand pounds current money of Virginia to the which payment will & truly to be made to the said Justices or their successors we bind our selves our & each of our heirs exrs & admin jointly & severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals & dated this 26th day of April 1787.

*The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound Joseph Keller executor of the last will & testament of Abraham Keller decd do make or cause to be made at true & perfect inventory of all and singular the goods chattels & credits of the sd decd which have or shall come to the hands or possession of the said Joseph Keller or into the hands or possession of any other person or persons I or him and the same so made do exhibit or cause to be exhibited into the County Court of Shenandoah at such time as he shall be thereto required by the said court of the same goods chattels & credits of the said decedent. At the time of his death or at any time hereafter shall come to the hands or possession of the said Joseph Keller or into the hands or possession of any other person." S. Original Record, D. Helmer's file, Shenandoah County, VA Will Book B, Pages 323 & 4. [This was likely continued on page 325 [this may be in Joseph's file as it contains his signature]. Dorothy also indicated that the appraisal of estate was May 12, 1787 and the inventory was extended to July 26, 1787.]

1787, April 20, "Abraham Kellar wrote his will, which was recorded 26 April 1787. Division of the estate was accounted for 27 June 1787, by Joseph Kellar, his son who was executor. (Will Book B, Page 323, Shenandoah County.)" S. E. E. Kellar's narrative.

1787, June 1, "Shen Co, Va. Wills. Cr the estate of Abram Keller decd by sundry goods and stock sold at publick vandue by Joseph Keller Exor on the 1 day of June 1787 Page 442.

approved by us 2-29-1788 Abram Bird Alexander Hite Court continued Fri 2-29-1788. Estate of Abram Keller returned and ordered to be recorded. Test John Williams CC." S. Helen Sole Collection, Lewis Library, Vincennes University. 
Kellar, Abraham Sr (I8172)
19 17650203 Tessman, August (I44149)
20 1786, June 12, "Dear Sir that there is a marrig intended Jacob Spears and my Daughter Eizabeth Kellar have was the Bear John Overall Will Enter as security in obtaining the Licence this from your most obedent unble ??? ??. Signed Abraham Keller. Sign John Williams Clerk of Shanadoah County." S. Copy Original Record, Shenandoah Co, VA, Located Helen Sole File, Lewis Library. Keller, Elizabeth (I8173)
21 1789 tax list Shenandoah co VA, Martin had 1 tithable, 3 horses
Martin's will was written Oct 27 1841, proved Mar 1842, dates of death & burial of Martin and Barbara from History of Montgomery co Ohio, Beers pub. co, 1882
They sold thier land in Shenandoah co Virginia 10 Apr 1801 to Jacob Stiegle. (deed book M pg 390)
Land in Montgomery co Ohio included 57 acres in Sec 28 T 2 R 8 between the Miami rivers, 52 acres on the east side of the Miami River, 77 acres next to other lands, 80 acres bought from Daniel Neff on west side of Miami River.
In Montgomery co OH by 1805 (Beers History) Land was in NE area of Dayton, part may be a golf course now, some of the land on the east side of the river not developed?
Reinterred in Woodland cem in 1865, age at death given as 80 y 1 m; section 36 lot 1115. stone not found in 2003, there were other Houser burials in that area of the cemetery. Beardshear cem is now called Union, and the old section is on east side of road, with a river at its back.

Martin Houser and wife. Barbara Neff, came from Shenandoah County, Va., in the year 1805. They were married in the " Old Dominion." and upon coming to this county settled in Section 25. also owning land across the Miami, in what is now Harrison Township. Their children were Henry, John, Martin, Daniel, Jacob, Isaac, Polly and Katie. Father Houser died February 23. 1842. and his wife January 8, 1844, both being buried in the Beardshear graveyard. Prior to 1805. 
Houser, Martin Sr (I7453)
22 1848 - Christopher Romine and Mary Halbert are married in Greene CO. MO
1850 - Christopher and Mary live with David and Adaline Halbert in Fort Osage, MO. No Children listed
1866 - Christopher reg. to vote in Sonoma CO. CA
1870 - They live in California, no children
1880 - They live in Santa Rosa, CA, no children 
Romine, Christopher (I46669)
23 1850
J Halbert District 24, Crawford, MO abt 1819 South Carolina
M Halbert District 24, Crawford, MO abt 1819 South Carolina
J Halbert District 24, Crawford, MO abt 1837 South Carolina
T Halbert District 24, Crawford, MO abt 1841 South Carolina
E Halbert District 24, Crawford, MO abt 1843 Georgia
M Halbert District 24, Crawford, MO abt 1845 Missouri
W Halbert District 24, Crawford, MO abt 1848 Missouri
William Halbert District 24, Crawford, MO abt 1825 South Carolina

1860 census
Joshua W Holbert Meramec, Crawford, MO 41 abt 1819 South Carolina Male
Mary Holbert Meramec, Crawford, MO 42 abt 1818 South Carolina Female
Thadeous P Holbert Meramec, Crawford, MO 19 abt 1841 South Carolina Male
Elizabeth Holbert Meramec, Crawford, MO 16 abt 1844 Georgia Female
Amanda Holbert Meramec, Crawford, MO 13 abt 1847 Missouri Female
Wm Holbert Meramec, Crawford, MO 10 abt 1850 Missouri Male
John Holbert Meramec, Crawford, MO 8 abt 1852 Missouri Male
Draton Holbert Meramec, Crawford, MO 6 abt 1854 Missouri Male
Alonza Holbert Meramec, Crawford, MO 2 abt 1858 Missouri Male 
Halbert, Joshua H (I5750)
24 1850 census
Tarpley Flynt Subdivision 2, Lincoln, TN abt 1805 North Carolina
Eliza M Flynt Subdivision 2, Lincoln, TN abt 1808 Tennessee
Norris Flynt Subdivision 2, Lincoln, TN abt 1824 Alabama

1870 Census
Tarpley Flynt Township 1 Range 1, Madison, AL abt 1805 North Carolina White Male
Eliza Flynt Township 1 Range 1, Madison, AL abt 1806 Tennessee White Female

News & Echoes, Vol II. No. 3, Page 13, January 1984

Letter from Perry Flynt to his son Tarpley
Submitted by: Gladys Kempe

Mrs. Gladys Kempe, Shiner, Texas, shares the following letter from Perry Flynt, written by his son Tarpley, to John P. Flynt. She feels the plantation mentioned could have been Perry's North Carolina home. From court records Perry bought 125 acres on Ash Camp Creek, in 1800, plus other lands; sold in the years 1805, 1811, and 1813, a total of 392 acres on Ash Camp Creek in Stokes County, North Carolina.

State of Alabama
Madison County

December 15th, 1828

Mr. John P. Flynt
Stokes County
North Carolina
Bethania P.O.

Dear Cousin:

Through the request of Father I take my pen to inform you that we are all well hoping that these few lines may find you with the balance of the connescion enjoying the same. Father received your letter the 10th of this month which gave us considerable satisfaction to hear that you were well.

Well Cousin John, Father wants you to sell them oats for what you can get and find some person to make up that fence, have the timber taken care of and none made use of only to keep up the plantation. You wanted to know what was the least he would take for the land. You can sell it for three hundred dollars cash in hand in United States paper of specie. If you can get no more if you can get to sell it, bind the bargain and Father will come and make the deed as the wright is in him. Know Jane has been to Illinois and Indiana and Ohio and got all the facts of the land. She and Father has come to a settlement and Father has a general warrant tee deed. If you should sell, have them bound so they cannot fly when Father comes and if you cannot sell you must rent it out to the best advantage. Father wants you to find out if anything could be got out of Stultz for the rent of that land that he has received or not or whether his property is not in such a situation that it cannot be taken.

Well Proctor you said something about my not writing to you I have nothing of importance to write. I have had a very bad cold for the last week attended with a severe cough. I am not as heavy by twenty pounds as I was when I was there. As for the girls I have nothing to do with them more than to watch their actions they cut some high swills. Sometime tell Cousin Elizabeth thar shop is not here for it I have the best Claim to it. Tell Nancy, Lucinda, Allen, Fountain and William that I want to hear from them all every chance. Well, Cousin John and Proctor there has been some weddings in this settlement. Miss Sally Ganers was married a week or two ago to a Mr. Glades of Limestone County and she is gone in welcome. I say Mr. Gibson and Miss Sarah Erwin is also marrya. Nothing more give respects to all connescion.

Tarpley Flynt
Perry Flynt 
Flynt, Tarpley (I4838)
25 1850 Census
William Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1794 North Carolina
Elizabeth Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1804 Tennessee
Nancy Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1828 Tennessee
John Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1829 Tennessee
Josephine Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1820 Tennessee
Martha Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1835 Tennessee
Narcissa Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1837 Tennessee
James Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1838 Tennessee
Newton Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1840 Tennessee
Elizabeth Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1842 Tennessee 
Halbert, William (I5870)
26 1850 Census. Look at who is his wife.

Pleasant Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1812 Tennessee
Nancy S Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1811 Tennessee
Martha J Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1834 Tennessee
Margret E Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1836 Tennessee
James C Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1838 Tennessee
Mary J Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1840 Tennessee
John S Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1842 Tennessee
Pleaent w Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1844 Tennessee
Emily N Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1846 Tennessee
William H Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1848 Tennessee
Mary Smith Holbert Subdivision 1, Lincoln, TN abt 1782 North Carolina

1860 Census
Pleasant Halbert District 8, Lincoln, TN 48 1811 Tennessee Male
Emely Halbert District 8, Lincoln, TN 45 1814 Tennessee Female
Mary Halbert District 8, Lincoln, TN 20 1839 Tennessee Female
Thomas Halbert District 8, Lincoln, TN 19 1840 Tennessee Male
Naoma Halbert District 8, Lincoln, TN 15 1844 Tennessee Female
Pleasent Halbert District 8, Lincoln, TN 17 1842 Tennessee Male
William Halbert District 8, Lincoln, TN 13 1846 Tennessee Male
Laura Halbert District 8, Lincoln, TN 6 1853 Tennessee Female
Tulia Halbert District 8, Lincoln, TN 4 1855 Tennessee Female
Buckannan Halbert District 8, Lincoln, TN 2 1857 Tennessee Male

1870 Census

P Halbert District 8, Lincoln, TN abt 1832 White Male
M V Halbert District 8, Lincoln, TN abt 1827 White Female
L G Halbert District 8, Lincoln, TN abt 1854 White Female
I B Halbert District 8, Lincoln, TN abt 1858 White Male
living with them is

Pleasant HALBERT Self M Male W 68 TN Farmer NC SC
Martha J. HALBERT Wife M Female W 53 AL Keeping House SC SC
Isaac B. HALBERT Son S Male W 21 TN Farmer TN TN
Andy OLDS Other S Male B 22 TN Works On Farm --- ---
Bella MCMULLEN Other S Female MU 16 TN Cook --- ---
George POSEY Other S Male W 26 TN Works On Farm TN TN
Polly Jane POSEY Other W Female W 56 TN Keeping House AL AL
Elizabeth POSEY Other S Female W 15 TN At Home --- TN

Source Information:
Census PlaceDistrict 8, Lincoln, Tennessee


PLEASANT HALBERT'S birth occurred in Williamson County, Tenn., in 1811. His parents, James and Elizabeth (Smith) Halbert, were born in North and South Carolina in 1771 and 1788, and died in 1833 and 1813, respectively. The father was a farmer, and in 1795 immigrated to Tennessee, but remained only four years, when he returned to his native State. September 9, 1801, he returned to Tennessee. He was married in 1810, and in 1813 came to Lincoln County, where he spent the remainder of his days. He was father of two children, only one now living--Pleasant Halbert_who made his home with his father as long as he lived. He was educated in the district schools, and October 8, 1833, married Nancy Crawford, who was born in 1810, and a daughter of John Crawford, who was an early pioneer of Lincoln County. Our subject and his wife became the parents of eight children, seven of whom are living: Martha (wife of Dr. J. E. Youell), Margaret E. (Mrs. Lemuel D. Sugg), James C., Mary J. (Mrs. Captain J. H. George), Pleasant W. (a physician and surgeon), Naomi E. (Mrs. S. M. Clayton) and William H. (a physician and surgeon of Lebanon). Mrs. Halbert died August 5, 1850, and April 8, 1852, he wedded Emily Buchanan, who was born July 23, 1814, and a daughter of John Buchanan. Of their three children two are living: Laura G. (Mrs. Pleasant Hobbs) and Isaac B. This wife died February 9, 1868. and July 1 of the same year Mr. Halbert married Martha V. Smith, daughter of David Smith. She was born in Alabama in 1826. Mr. Halbert owns 600 acres of land in the Eighth District, and is one of the old and highly respected citizens of the county. He has been a life-long Democrat, and has served as magistrate six years. He and Mrs. Halbert are members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Wills & Inventories of Lincoln Tennessee 1810-1921" by Helen Narsh

Will of Pleasant Halbert
wife Martha V Halbert
Children Jane George, Pleasant W., Naomi Clayton, M. Sugg and James Halbert, Mary and Isaac B Halbert.
Executors: Isaac B Halbert and Pleasant Hobbs
Signed July 28, 1887
A. A. Wright
Joe Denwiddle
George B Boyles
Proven Ocxt 7 1895 
Halbert, Pleasant (I5819)
27 1860
Wm H Holbert Courtois, Crawford, MO 38 abt 1822 Missouri Male
Elizabeth Holbert Courtois, Crawford, MO 31 abt 1829 South Carolina Female
Zene Holbert Courtois, Crawford, MO 11 abt 1849 Missouri Male
F A Holbert Courtois, Crawford, MO 9 abt 1851 Missouri Female
Singleton Holbert Courtois, Crawford, MO 6 abt 1854 Missouri Male
W T Holbert Courtois, Crawford, MO 4 abt 1856 Missouri Male
Mary Holbert Courtois, Crawford, MO 2 abt 1858 Missouri Female
James W Holbert Courtois, Crawford, MO 10.12 abt 1859 Missouri Male 
Halbert, William Harvey (I5883)
28 1860 census
James Holbert Redland, Sabine, TX 36 1823 South Carolina Male
Phebe E Holbert Redland, Sabine, TX 25 1834 Texas Female
William T Holbert Redland, Sabine, TX 3 1856 Texas Male
Susan L Holbert Redland, Sabine, TX 2 1857 Texas Female

1870 Census

James Holbert Beat 4, Sabine, TX abt 1820 South Carolina White Male
Phehebe e Holbert Beat 4, Sabine, TX abt 1832 Texas White Female
William T Holbert Beat 4, Sabine, TX abt 1857 Texas White Male
Susan E Holbert Beat 4, Sabine, TX abt 1858 Texas White Female
Elizabeth E Holbert Beat 4, Sabine, TX abt 1861 Texas White Female
Mary A Holbert Beat 4, Sabine, TX abt 1863 Texas White Female
Tabitha Holbert Beat 4, Sabine, TX abt 1865 Texas White Female

James HOLBERT Self M Male W 60 SC Farmer VA VA
Eliza P. HOLBERT Wife M Female W 46 TX Keeps House TN TN
William T. HOLBERT Son S Male W 22 TX Wks On Farm SC TX
Bettie E. HOLBERT Dau S Female W 18 TX At Home SC TX
Mary A. HOLBERT Dau S Female W 15 TX At Home SC TX
Tolitha HOLBERT Dau S Female W 12 TX At Home SC TX
Cornelius SPEIGHTS
Source Information:
1880 Census PlacePrecinct 4, Sabine, Texas 
Halbert, James (I5691)
29 1860 census
Joshua Holbert Courtois, Crawford, MO 56 abt 1804 South Carolina Male
Ann Holbert Courtois, Crawford, MO 40 abt 1820 Missouri Female
Elizabeth Holbert Courtois, Crawford, MO 21 abt 1839 Missouri Female
Nathan Holbert Courtois, Crawford, MO 18 abt 1842 Missouri Male
Eunis Holbert Courtois, Crawford, MO 15 abt 1845 Missouri Female
Anna L Holbert Courtois, Crawford, MO 14 abt 1846 Missouri Female
Joshua Holbert Courtois, Crawford, MO 12 abt 1848 Missouri Male
Birton Holbert Courtois, Crawford, MO 6 abt 1854 Missouri Male
Sarah J Holbert Courtois, Crawford, MO 8 abt 1852 Missouri Female
Volna Holbert Courtois, Crawford, MO 4 abt 1856 Missouri Male 
Halbert, Joshua H (I5749)
30 1860 census
Thomas M Halbert Benton, Crawford, MO 44 abt 1816 South Carolina Male
Sicely Halbert Benton, Crawford, MO 40 abt 1820 South Carolina Female
Wm Halbert Benton, Crawford, MO 21 abt 1839 South Carolina Male
Robert P Halbert Benton, Crawford, MO 15 abt 1845 South Carolina Male
John T Halbert Benton, Crawford, MO 13 abt 1847 South Carolina Male
Margaret Halbert Benton, Crawford, MO 11 abt 1849 South Carolina Female
Jane P Halbert Benton, Crawford, MO 10 abt 1850 South Carolina Female
J H Halbert Benton, Crawford, MO 3 abt 1857 Missouri Male 
Halbert, Thomas M (I5859)
31 1870
Edward D Halbert Hermitage, Hickory, MO abt 1847 Missouri White Male

E Duffield Halbert Garfield, Dickinson, Kansas Mar 1873 Missouri White Head 
Halbert, Edward Duffield (I5627)
32 1870 census
Joel B Holbert Johnson, Polk, MO abt 1841 Tennessee White Male
Mary A Holbert Johnson, Polk, MO abt 1850 Missouri White Female
Mary J Holbert Johnson, Polk, MO abt 1869 Missouri White Female

Joel B Halbert Mrs. Charlotte Holand 14 Oct 1868 Polk
Joel B Halbert Luvenie Philders 15 Feb 1891 Hickory

Joel is said to have married three times 
Halbert, Joel Bradshaw (I5718)
33 1880 Miami County Biography
LEVI HOUSER, farmer and stock-raiser - P.O. Piqua; was born in this county May 20, 1823, and is a son of John Houser, now deceased. Levi was raised on the farm and received a common-school education. At 26 years of age, he had accumulated nearly $6 00, which he invested in his present farm of 80 acres, in Sec. 23, Spring Creek Township; this farm has transformed from a wild state to a good degree of improvement, and is now in easy circumstances; for the past few years, his time has been directed to handling stock, which he has made a success. His marriage with Christena Whitney was celebrated March 29, 1849; she was born in Warren Co., Ohio, Sept. 26, 1829, and is a daughter of Francis and Abigail Whitney; Mr. and Mrs. Houser are the parents of five children, viz., Ephraim W., born March 11, 1850 ; Martin J., born Nov. 28, 1852 ; Margaret E., born March 12,1855 ; Samuel A., born Dec. 28, 1860, and Abbie A., born Sept. 3, 1862; Mr. Houser has, for the past few years, resigned the working of his farm to his two sons, and it is now cultivated by Samuel A., who is an industrious and dutiful son.

1900 Miami County Biography
Levi Houser, now deceased, was born in Spring Creek township May 20, 1823, and upon the old homestead farm remained until twenty years of age. He was reared to agricultural pursuits, and on leaving the parental roof he went to Dayton, where he worked on a farm with his uncle for two years. On the expiration of that period, with the capital which he had acquired through his industry and economy, he purchased eighty acres of land in Spring Creek township, and from that time forward made his home upon the property. In addition to the cultivation of the fields he purchased cattle and sheep, and was numbered among the extensive and successful stock dealers until his death. His business affairs were energetically prosecuted and always characterized by the utmost reliability.
On the 29th of March, 1849, Mr. Houser was united in marriage to Miss Christina Whitney, who was born in Warren county, Ohio, September 29, 1829, and came to Shelby county with her parents, Francis and Abigail (Blanchard) Whitney. Mr. and Mrs. Houser were married in Shelby county and their union was blessed with five children. Ephraim, the eldest, now living in Piqua, married Sophia Blalock and they had two children, Lee and Flossie.
The mother died, and by his second wife, Jennie, who was a sister of his first wife, he had four children, --Clyde, Nellie, Harry and Bessie. Martin, the second son of the family, now operates the home farm. He married Annie Schoemaker, and they have two children, Wilson and Gracie. Maggie is the wife of John Brennar, who is living in Staunton township, and they have two children living, Oscar and Earl, while Harry died in infancy. Samuel married Jennie Hammond and they have two children, Forest and Edith. Abigail is the wife of Harvey Anderson, a farmer of Spring Creek township, and their children are Bertha and Annie L.
When Mr. and Mrs. Houser took up their abode upon the farm where the widow now resides it was a tract of heavy timber land, but Mr. Houser cleared away the trees, plowed the land, and in due course of time garnered abundant harvests. Their first home was a log cabin, but in later years it was replaced by a more commodious and modern residence. As the years passed by all the accessories and conveniences of the model farm were added, and the property became a very valuable one, Mr. Houser continuing the cultivation of the fields until his death. He was for thirty-eight years a consistent member of the Baptist church, and in his life exemplified his religious faith. His political support was given the Republican party, and he served as township trustee, supervisor and school director for many years, discharging his duties with marked promptness and fidelity. He died May 6, 1884, and his remains were interred in the Fletcher cemetery. In his death the community lost a valued citizen, his neighbors a faithful friend and his family a loving husband and father. Mrs. Houser is now the owner of an eighty-acre farm in Spring Creek township and also has fifty-six acres in Staunton township, so that she is well supplied with life's comforts. She, too, is a consistent and faithful member of the Baptist church, and the many excellencies of her character have gained her warm regard 
Houser, Levi (I7448)
34 1943 Craynon, Hazel (I43733)
35 1952 - 1954: Lived at 517 East Cedar Ave, Burbank, CA

Enlisted in the Navy on 11-28-1944 and served on the USS Kermit Roosevelt. Release date was 7-24-1946.
Sasso, Richard Dominick (I12421)
36 28 Dec 1742 is the date his was probated Hutchins, Samuel Sr (I17561)
37 4/24/1850 Census listed as James HERON age 62 from SC
6/27/1870 Census listed as James HERING age 73 from SC

Have found last name as Herran, Herren, Herrin, Herron, Herring, Heran, Heren, Herin
Herron, James (I6542)
38 4th United States President, co-author of the Federalist Papers and Father of the American Constitution. Madison, President of the United States James Jr (I52524)
39 52369643 Cox, Annie (I51934)
40 60300945 Meriwether, Nicholas (I52647)
41 6454387 Barnett, Rebecca Belle (I46499)
42 7/12 on 11 Oct 1850 Jordan, William Richard (I31641)
43 7th Child of 12 born to Oliver Hugo Henry Perry Wombles and Sarah Elizabeth Hedgpeth Wombles. Henry, wife India and Newborn child died during flu epidemic in February 1920 The couples one living child was a son, Henry Eugene Wombles who was only 3 1/2 years old at the time of his parents death. Henry Wade's brother John and sister-in-law Jane, not having any children of their own, took the little orphaned 3 year old who would go by Eugene to raise as their own. Wombles, Henry Wade (I38273)
44 919 Brooklyn Avenue Griffith, Margaret Findlay (I39940)
45 Find A Grave. Find A Grave. Source (S499)
46 Indiana, Marriages. Salt Lake City, Utah: FamilySearch, 2013. Source (S515)
47 Italy, Births and Baptisms, 1806-1900. Salt Lake City, Utah: FamilySearch, 2013. Source (S501)
48 Missouri Death Certificates. Missouri Secretary of State. accessed 24 August 2014. Source (S498)
49 Missouri Marriage Records. Jefferson City, MO, USA: Missouri State Archives. Microfilm. Source (S500)
50 Muster rolls of Alabama Civil War Units. SG025006-25100. Montgomery, Alabama: Alabama Department of Archives & History. Source (S509)

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