New York, USA


Latitude: 42.7531, Longitude: -74.2224


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Caroline  Mar 1842New York, USA I34510
2 (Unknown), Harriet A  30 Dec 1817New York, USA I54712
3 (Unknown), Mercy R  Abt 1770New York, USA I19801
4 (Unknown), Mildred  Abt 1916New York, USA I44158
5 (Unknown), Suzie E  Jan 1868New York, USA I19992
6 Allen, Franklin H  28 Jul 1856New York, USA I42888
7 Burchell, Peter James  1814New York, USA I19165
8 Camron, Delia  1832New York, USA I54204
9 Clark, Rebecca  Abt 1826New York, USA I50705
10 Clark, William  1813New York, USA I41206
11 Cogswell, Chandley Metcalf  15 Sep 1828New York, USA I20149
12 Cohen, Carrie E  Jan 1867New York, USA I34508
13 Cole, Cornelia  30 Nov 1808New York, USA I19511
14 Cummings, James  1872New York, USA I3478
15 Curtis, Huldah  3 Oct 1824New York, USA I19344
16 D'Avignon, Antoinette Frances  16 Sep 1873New York, USA I3535
17 Davis, Sarah Adelia  Abt 1851New York, USA I17296
18 Dehooges, Catharine  1686New York, USA I43401
19 Duggan, Patrick Sr  Mar 1849New York, USA I38944
20 Edie, Daniel S  1778New York, USA I41589
21 Edie, Thomas M  1776New York, USA I41590
22 Enny, Joseph J  Abt 1833New York, USA I19809
23 Finster, Philip  1820New York, USA I19225
24 Gotsman, Louis C  27 Oct 1888New York, USA I48097
25 Graham, Elizabeth  1798New York, USA I16395
26 Haines, Harvey Gabriel  6 Aug 1856New York, USA I41014
27 Hitchcock, Christiana  8 Jul 1848New York, USA I54106
28 Hoag, William  30 Oct 1774New York, USA I6970
29 Hudson, Joseph M  1824New York, USA I41325
30 Hudson, Mariah T  11 Oct 1815New York, USA I41327
31 Hudson, Sally  1808New York, USA I41329
32 Lamb, Charles G  28 Mar 1860New York, USA I53130
33 Landon, Pamela  Abt 1781New York, USA I20307
34 Linck, Charlotte  22 Feb 1844New York, USA I51863
35 Lottridge, Delia  16 Jan 1811New York, USA I56541
36 McNeal, George  1802New York, USA I37712
37 Mericle, William  8 Dec 1820New York, USA I16347
38 Mohl, Clifford M  23 Dec 1901New York, USA I39279
39 Mull, Franklin  3 Mar 1834New York, USA I41236
40 Peck, Annie  1791New York, USA I47902
41 Pool, Kinney  4 Apr 1796New York, USA I57386
42 Pratt, Lucinda E  4 Jun 1841New York, USA I19818
43 Preston, Jasper N  1833New York, USA I20198
44 Preston, Samuel  1800New York, USA I20197
45 Schoolcraft, Emma  31 Oct 1896New York, USA I20131
46 Schoolcraft, Ethel  11 Jan 1898New York, USA I20132
47 Schoolcraft, Flora  9 Mar 1894New York, USA I20129
48 Schoolcraft, Iva  11 Dec 1901New York, USA I20133
49 Schoolcraft, Lawrence  11 Oct 1895New York, USA I20130
50 Schoolcraft, Letha  1892New York, USA I20128

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Acker, Joseph Milton  1913New York, USA I51612
2 Arnold, Aaron  15 Sep 1857New York, USA I19469
3 Arnold, Jennie Marie  31 Mar 1902New York, USA I19486
4 Barnard, Valentine  21 Dec 1823New York, USA I1021
5 Carr, Levi  1828New York, USA I42151
6 Goodwin, Jennie E  New York, USA I20136
7 Mackenchie, Lorraine  27 Jan 1979New York, USA I20041
8 McLain, Eddie Lewis  1942New York, USA I54817
9 Potter, Mary Ann  9 Oct 1828New York, USA I20203
10 Potts, Margaret  Bef 1905New York, USA I47340
11 Rubshaw, Mildred  Aft 1991New York, USA I19735
12 Sasso, Thomas  Apr 1971New York, USA I12426
13 Sasso, Vincenzo  New York, USA I12427
14 Spafford, Vida  1906New York, USA I20135
15 Spears, Maria C  New York, USA I39956
16 Sprague, Dolston D  19 Feb 1859New York, USA I20216
17 Sprague, Edgar Joel  1944New York, USA I20107
18 Sprague, Emery Ferdinand  9 Sep 1828New York, USA I13320
19 Sprague, Hesta Josephine  29 Dec 1900New York, USA I20042
20 Sprague, John Devillo  15 Sep 1939New York, USA I19993
21 Sprague, Lee Hall  1904New York, USA I20031
22 Sprague, Samuel Wilbur  1949New York, USA I20134
23 Sprague, Thomas E  22 Aug 1833New York, USA I20092
24 Sprague, Vernon B  19 May 1943New York, USA I20040
25 Ten Eyck, Nellie  1891New York, USA I20065


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Churulo, Margherita  26 Nov 1898New York, USA I2335
2 Harris, Benjamin George  22 Jul 1867New York, USA I31395
3 Murat, Charles Louis Napoleon Achille  23 Mar 1840New York, USA I41928
4 Pasqualino, Carmelo  14 May 1904New York, USA I10995
5 Pasqualino, Giuseppa  New York, USA I10998
6 Schembre, Salvatore S  26 Apr 1913New York, USA I12485
7 Youle, Anna  21 Jun 1851New York, USA I36768


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sutherland, Christopher Barrington  11 Jan 1858New York, USA I31392


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Mildred  1935New York, USA I44158
2 (Unknown), Mildred  1 Apr 1940New York, USA I44158
3 Kortregt, Hendrick Henry  1747New York, USA I41726
4 Sasso, Thomas  1935New York, USA I12426
5 Sasso, Thomas  1 Apr 1940New York, USA I12426


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 De Graff / Sprague  26 Dec 1832New York, USA F6618
2 Eany / Sprague  Abt 1832New York, USA F6480
3 Scott / Scutt  Feb 1827New York, USA F363
4 Sprague / Hall  14 Oct 1877New York, USA F6550
5 Sprague / Nobles  14 Feb 1804New York, USA F6606
6 Sprague / Wilbur  21 Dec 1859New York, USA F6591
7 Vanderpool / Dehooges  1706New York, USA F14417