Pope, Arkansas, USA


Latitude: 35.4464, Longitude: -93.0357


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bell, Freddie  Abt 1874Pope, Arkansas, USA I35683
2 Bell, Nora P  21 Oct 1876Pope, Arkansas, USA I1610
3 Honeycut, James A  Abt 1837Pope, Arkansas, USA I47219
4 Honeycut, Laban M  Abt 1842Pope, Arkansas, USA I47216
5 Honeycut, Sarah S  Abt 1848Pope, Arkansas, USA I47218
6 Honeycut, Susannah C  Abt 1840Pope, Arkansas, USA I47215
7 Honeycut, Thomas A  Abt 1845Pope, Arkansas, USA I47217
8 Lewis, Herbert O  4 Apr 1908Pope, Arkansas, USA I49491
9 Lewis, Thomas Andrew Ralph  3 Oct 1911Pope, Arkansas, USA I49492
10 McEver, James Lee  30 Apr 1879Pope, Arkansas, USA I49488
11 McEver, Laura  9 May 1860Pope, Arkansas, USA I9522
12 McEver, Sarah Ann  1838Pope, Arkansas, USA I9540
13 McEver, Singleton A  1847Pope, Arkansas, USA I9541
14 McKeever, Andrew Jackson  8 Jun 1866Pope, Arkansas, USA I49459
15 McKeever, Jesse James  6 Oct 1861Pope, Arkansas, USA I49457
16 McKeever, John Jasper  9 Apr 1860Pope, Arkansas, USA I49456
17 McKeever, Mary Caroline  11 Jun 1856Pope, Arkansas, USA I49454
18 McKeever, Melisa Jane  6 Jun 1858Pope, Arkansas, USA I49455
19 McKeever, Paulina Adeline  1 Jan 1857Pope, Arkansas, USA I9535
20 McKeever, William Adam  1864Pope, Arkansas, USA I49458
21 Teeter, Ida Adiline  1872Pope, Arkansas, USA I35612
22 Teeter, Jonah Allen  18 Mar 1846Pope, Arkansas, USA I13843
23 White, Lula Hogins  8 Apr 1890Pope, Arkansas, USA I29642


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bell, Freddie  Abt 1874Pope, Arkansas, USA I35683
2 Benefiel, William P  26 Jun 1915Pope, Arkansas, USA I1636
3 Epps, Margaret Jane  27 Jul 1882Pope, Arkansas, USA I35680
4 Graham, Catherine  6 Jul 1883Pope, Arkansas, USA I21250
5 Guthrie, Grace  16 Dec 1960Pope, Arkansas, USA I49498
6 Hicklin, George  1871Pope, Arkansas, USA I21247
7 Lewis, Baron Von  5 Oct 1947Pope, Arkansas, USA I49489
8 McEver, Allie  5 Jun 1905Pope, Arkansas, USA I49500
9 McEver, Andrew Nathaniel  12 Jan 1924Pope, Arkansas, USA I21348
10 McEver, Bonnie Fay  14 Sep 1928Pope, Arkansas, USA I49499
11 McEver, Celia Ann  Aft 1850Pope, Arkansas, USA I9502
12 McEver, Celia Ann  1889Pope, Arkansas, USA I9501
13 McEver, Daisy Paulene  2 Sep 1910Pope, Arkansas, USA I49502
14 McEver, James Lee  5 Apr 1947Pope, Arkansas, USA I49488
15 McEver, Laura  19 Jan 1913Pope, Arkansas, USA I9522
16 McEver, Lena Irene  19 Aug 1910Pope, Arkansas, USA I49503
17 McEver, Marion  1859Pope, Arkansas, USA I9526
18 McEver, Sarah  Aft Jun 1870Pope, Arkansas, USA I9539
19 McEver, William David  27 Jul 1960Pope, Arkansas, USA I21352
20 McKeever, Jesse James  19 Aug 1862Pope, Arkansas, USA I49457
21 McKeever, John Jasper  11 Jun 1862Pope, Arkansas, USA I49456
22 McKeever, Melisa Jane  19 Aug 1860Pope, Arkansas, USA I49455
23 Petray, Mary Ann  Pope, Arkansas, USA I41127
24 Petray, Sarah  1853Pope, Arkansas, USA I35617
25 Ray, Cynthia R  1864Pope, Arkansas, USA I35669
26 Smith, Ethel  1941Pope, Arkansas, USA I49330
27 Wadsworth, Celia Ann  1839Pope, Arkansas, USA I14537


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 McEver, Andrew J  1850Pope, Arkansas, USA I9495
2 McEver, Andrew J  1860Pope, Arkansas, USA I9495
3 Partridge, Jesse Harrison  Pope, Arkansas, USA I29641
4 Petree, Delphia  1850Pope, Arkansas, USA I11114
5 Teeter, Jonah Allen  1850Pope, Arkansas, USA I13843
6 Teeter, Jonah Allen  1860Pope, Arkansas, USA I13843
7 Teeter, Martin A  1850Pope, Arkansas, USA I35616


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Benefiel / McEver  12 Sep 1878Pope, Arkansas, USA F1417
2 Bullard / Dean  28 Nov 1936Pope, Arkansas, USA F13165
3 Chafin / Moore  26 Feb 1885Pope, Arkansas, USA F16314
4 Chafin / Smith  24 Dec 1893Pope, Arkansas, USA F16322
5 Hammock / McEver  5 Feb 1872Pope, Arkansas, USA F2050
6 Harding / Chafin  4 Jul 1883Pope, Arkansas, USA F16321
7 McEver / Loupe  24 Oct 1867Pope, Arkansas, USA F2550
8 McEver / Petree  11 Oct 1838Pope, Arkansas, USA F6930
9 Minor / Read  10 Mar 1878Pope, Arkansas, USA F2119
10 Partridge / Crow  16 Oct 1938Pope, Arkansas, USA F9785
11 Pool / Crow  24 Jul 1938Pope, Arkansas, USA F9784
12 Roden / Petree  12 Nov 1899Pope, Arkansas, USA F13684