Greenup, Kentucky, USA


Latitude: 38.5423, Longitude: -82.9206


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ash, Nancy Elizabeth  Feb 1874Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44102
2 Belford, Albert  Abt 1881Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44116
3 Bradley, Cora  28 Dec 1873Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43710
4 Bradley, Dennis  24 Mar 1886Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43798
5 Bradley, Ellis E  3 Jun 1912Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43782
6 Bradley, George Franklin  23 Apr 1858Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43714
7 Bradley, Howard  31 Jul 1893Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43781
8 Bradley, Luella  10 Feb 1862Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43717
9 Bradley, Lydia M  14 Dec 1859Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43719
10 Bradley, William Santford II  27 May 1865Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43713
11 Brown, Carrie S  2 Sep 1902Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43518
12 Brown, Henry F  14 Apr 1899Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43696
13 Brown, Wesley  19 May 1860Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44031
14 Carr, Mary Alice  20 Jul 1871Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43612
15 Cartmal, Rosa Bell  1910Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43576
16 Clifton, Daniel Lathon  28 Apr 1865Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44296
17 Darby, Addie Adeline  1 Jan 1868Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43788
18 Darby, Clara Maude  13 May 1870Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43778
19 Darby, Minnie May  1893Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43774
20 Dyer, Sarah Alice  18 Aug 1892Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44100
21 Dyer, Thomas Nathaniel  5 Oct 1872Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44101
22 Elam, Leander Conler  29 May 1856Greenup, Kentucky, USA I52836
23 Fox, George W  Abt 1851Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44301
24 Haggard, Geneva Leigh  23 Sep 1913Greenup, Kentucky, USA I36791
25 Huffman, Leona Elizabeth  12 Nov 1869Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44297
26 Jenkins, Henrietta  6 Dec 1859Greenup, Kentucky, USA I52837
27 Johnson, Noah Archilles  23 Oct 1917Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44106
28 Jones, Herman Leslie  11 Jul 1922Greenup, Kentucky, USA I36757
29 Jones, Ruth Pauline  20 Jun 1927Greenup, Kentucky, USA I36759
30 Jorrel, Abraham Jr  1911Greenup, Kentucky, USA I55257
31 Jorrel, Daughter  1912Greenup, Kentucky, USA I54839
32 Justice, Pearl  17 Oct 1905Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44257
33 Lambert, Eldean  10 Sep 1923Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44183
34 Lambert, Madge Mae  27 May 1921Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43590
35 Lambert, Russell Vernon  Abt 1914Greenup, Kentucky, USA I49575
36 Lambert, Ruth  24 Mar 1915Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43592
37 McNeal, Caroline W  2 Dec 1829Greenup, Kentucky, USA I37706
38 Patton, Ada Bell  Apr 1900Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43806
39 Patton, Estele  Abt 1891Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43808
40 Patton, Henry Albert  16 Nov 1892Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43807
41 Patton, Stella L  24 Dec 1893Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43805
42 Patton, William  8 Nov 1869Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43804
43 Pigg, Mahala  12 May 1904Greenup, Kentucky, USA I46887
44 Scaff, Josephine  22 Nov 1866Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44172
45 Shepard, Herbert Lewis  1 Apr 1921Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44128
46 Shepherd, Belva J  8 Dec 1924Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44094
47 Shepherd, Corinne  6 Nov 1915Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44090
48 Shepherd, Cynthia Ellen  22 Dec 1917Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44091
49 Shepherd, Earnest E  20 May 1906Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44086
50 Shepherd, Homer Martin  Abt 1918Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44129

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Nancy Jane  8 Nov 1943Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43604
2 Belford, Albert  14 May 1913Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44116
3 Boggs, William  2 Apr 1917Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44098
4 Bradley, George Franklin  28 Apr 1924Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43714
5 Bradley, William Sanford  30 Jun 1926Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43700
6 Bradley, William Santford II  28 Dec 1955Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43713
7 Brown, Alice Elizabeth  11 Jun 1913Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43693
8 Brown, Alkana A  11 Feb 1923Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43692
9 Brown, Nancy  13 Oct 1916Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44030
10 Brown, Sarah Ann  18 Jun 1896Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43699
11 Carper, Charles William  30 Oct 1964Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44205
12 Casto, William Clayton Sr  15 May 1972Greenup, Kentucky, USA I47091
13 Darby, Clara Maude  9 May 1945Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43778
14 Elam, Leander Conler  24 Jan 1931Greenup, Kentucky, USA I52836
15 Jenkins, Henrietta  28 May 1934Greenup, Kentucky, USA I52837
16 Jones, Ruth Pauline  20 Jun 1927Greenup, Kentucky, USA I36759
17 Jorrel, Abraham Jr  24 Mar 1912Greenup, Kentucky, USA I55257
18 Jorrel, Daughter  1912Greenup, Kentucky, USA I54839
19 Lambert, Russell Vernon  1914Greenup, Kentucky, USA I49575
20 Lambert, Ruth  Oct 2004Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43592
21 Patton, Estele  Abt 1895Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43808
22 Shepherd, Jacob  4 Sep 1933Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43620
23 Shepherd, William  23 Jul 1914Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44076
24 Sizemore, Thomas Edward  16 Sep 1991Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43609
25 Smith, Ida  5 Aug 1957Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43583
26 Tinsley, Nannie H  22 Jun 1940Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44163
27 Wingo, Child  Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43763
28 Wingo, Child  Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43764


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bradley, Luella  Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43717
2 Bradley, William Sanford  Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43700
3 Bradley, William Santford III  Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43779
4 Brown, Nancy  Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44030
5 Brown, Sarah Ann  Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43699
6 Hale, Elizabeth Jane  Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43546
7 Shepherd, Bryson Reason  Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43547
8 Shepherd, Jacob  Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43620
9 Shepherd, William  Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44076
10 Tinsley, John Fennel  Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44160
11 Wingo, Child  Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43763
12 Wingo, Child  Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43764


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ash, Nancy Elizabeth  Feb 1874Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44102


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Fannie  1900Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43799
2 Ash, Nancy Elizabeth  1880Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44102
3 Ash, Nancy Elizabeth  1900Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44102
4 Belford, Albert  1900Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44116
5 Boggs, Lorella  1 Apr 1940Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44085
6 Boggs, Mary Guila  1 Apr 1940Greenup, Kentucky, USA I47093
7 Boggs, Mary Guila  1 Apr 1940Greenup, Kentucky, USA I47093
8 Bradley, Agnes  1900Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43795
9 Bradley, Arthur  1910Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43785
10 Bradley, Clyde  1900Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43793
11 Bradley, Cora  1880Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43710
12 Bradley, Cora  1880Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43710
13 Bradley, Dennis  Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43798
14 Bradley, Dennis  1900Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43798
15 Bradley, Earl  1900Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43794
16 Bradley, Earnest John  1900Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43796
17 Bradley, Emma  1880Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43709
18 Bradley, Emma  1880Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43709
19 Bradley, Ethel  1900Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43802
20 Bradley, Henry Wilson  1880Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43708
21 Bradley, Henry Wilson  1900Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43708
22 Bradley, Hermey  1910Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43786
23 Bradley, Hermey  1910Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43786
24 Bradley, Hobert  1900Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43800
25 Bradley, Howard  1910Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43781
26 Bradley, Luella  1880Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43717
27 Bradley, Luke Allen  1880Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43712
28 Bradley, Lydia M  1880Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43719
29 Bradley, Mary E  1880Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43711
30 Bradley, Mary E  1880Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43711
31 Bradley, Millie  1900Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43803
32 Bradley, Morton  1900Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43797
33 Bradley, Nano  1910Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43780
34 Bradley, Vernon  1910Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43787
35 Bradley, William  1900Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43801
36 Bradley, William Santford III  Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43779
37 Bradley, William Santford II  1880Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43713
38 Bradley, William Santford III  1910Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43779
39 Bradley, William Santford III  1910Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43779
40 Bradley, William Santford II  1910Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43713
41 Brown, Adaline  1880Greenup, Kentucky, USA I44034
42 Brown, Alice Elizabeth  1880Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43693
43 Brown, Alice Elizabeth  1910Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43693
44 Brown, Alkana A  1880Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43692
45 Brown, Alkana A  1910Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43692
46 Brown, Anna  1910Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43528
47 Brown, Anna  1910Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43528
48 Brown, Anna  1910Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43528
49 Brown, Anna  1910Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43528
50 Brown, Carrie S  1910Greenup, Kentucky, USA I43518

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bradley / Darby  1887Greenup, Kentucky, USA F14506
2 Brown / Brown  19 Jul 1880Greenup, Kentucky, USA F14486
3 Brown / Frazee  18 Feb 1889Greenup, Kentucky, USA F14450
4 Brown / Scaff  19 Jun 1886Greenup, Kentucky, USA F14594
5 Brown / Shepherd  23 Mar 1899Greenup, Kentucky, USA F14441
6 Fultz / Darby  19 Sep 1891Greenup, Kentucky, USA F14455
7 Shepherd / Elliott  11 Apr 1917Greenup, Kentucky, USA F14577
8 Walls / Bradley  3 Jan 1882Greenup, Kentucky, USA F14492