New Jersey, USA


Latitude: 40.0583238, Longitude: -74.4056612


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Ione K  Abt 1884New Jersey, USA I56085
2 (Unknown), Mary C  Abt 1838New Jersey, USA I42070
3 (Unknown), Rebecca J  Abt 1835New Jersey, USA I42076
4 Bateman, Phebe  New Jersey, USA I42080
5 Burroughs, Anna Mariah  31 Dec 1864New Jersey, USA I42050
6 Burroughs, Frances E  16 Oct 1856New Jersey, USA I42047
7 Burroughs, Huldah Ann  12 Sep 1834New Jersey, USA I42036
8 Burroughs, Jerusha V  1858New Jersey, USA I42048
9 Burroughs, William Lanning  1846New Jersey, USA I42041
10 Chapman, Doris L  12 Mar 1911New Jersey, USA I50371
11 Cherry, Jane L  06 Jul 1834New Jersey, USA I42059
12 Clemens, Susan Barbara  Dec 1863New Jersey, USA I42120
13 Crabaugh, Sarah  1784New Jersey, USA I3323
14 Cross, Mary Jane  13 Jan 1793New Jersey, USA I42590
15 Dealey, Elmore S  1867New Jersey, USA I31605
16 Dunn, Anna Elizabeth  19 Mar 1676New Jersey, USA I41992
17 Emmons, Job  1820New Jersey, USA I4568
18 Harris, William  22 Jan 1800New Jersey, USA I47107
19 Hart, Jerusha  30 Jul 1810New Jersey, USA I42039
20 Henry, John Whitcomb  Abt 1917New Jersey, USA I37796
21 Howell, Provy  Abt 1800New Jersey, USA I42058
22 Huffman, John Henry  1765New Jersey, USA I30542
23 Huie, Margaret  27 Sep 1767New Jersey, USA I21436
24 Laboyteaux, Mary Ann  07 Jul 1786New Jersey, USA I34682
25 Luker, William Craig  17 Nov 1782New Jersey, USA I30490
26 Mathews, Ada M  Mar 1881New Jersey, USA I42043
27 Mathews, Alfred Rake  1893New Jersey, USA I42045
28 Mathews, Azariah H  Jun 1859New Jersey, USA I42038
29 Mathews, Jeremy  14 Nov 1825New Jersey, USA I42030
30 Mathews, Maria  22 May 1817New Jersey, USA I42029
31 Mathews, Moses  Jun 1856New Jersey, USA I42037
32 McNeil, Amanda Jane  07 May 1837New Jersey, USA I19388
33 Mettler, Jennie L  Aug 1858New Jersey, USA I42042
34 Mills, Nancy Ann  1763New Jersey, USA I16333
35 Pegg, Jacob S  18 Dec 1842New Jersey, USA I42115
36 Pegg, Jacob Van Marter  23 Nov 1862New Jersey, USA I42119
37 Pegg, John  30 Sep 1836New Jersey, USA I42116
38 Pegg, Mahlon  08 Aug 1805New Jersey, USA I42109
39 Pegg, Mary Elenor  1830New Jersey, USA I42112
40 Pegg, Parmelia Ann  1833New Jersey, USA I42113
41 Pegg, Susie H  28 May 1875New Jersey, USA I42123
42 Rake, Lillian  Nov 1860New Jersey, USA I42044
43 Reed, Anna  1749New Jersey, USA I11733
44 Reed, Mary  31 Oct 1748New Jersey, USA I11745
45 Reed, Moses  1739New Jersey, USA I11748
46 Reed, Sarah  31 Oct 1748New Jersey, USA I11750
47 Rittenhouse, Elisha  12 May 1828New Jersey, USA I42090
48 Runyon, Darich  1672New Jersey, USA I41988
49 Runyon, Ephraim  1676New Jersey, USA I41991
50 Runyon, Jane  1683New Jersey, USA I41985

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Mary  1811New Jersey, USA I42052
2 Burkett, Delilah  07 Oct 1936New Jersey, USA I42096
3 Burroughs, Anna Mariah  27 Feb 1866New Jersey, USA I42050
4 Burroughs, Frances E  20 Jun 1857New Jersey, USA I42047
5 Burroughs, Jerusha V  14 Jul 1871New Jersey, USA I42048
6 Camp, Susannah  1920New Jersey, USA I30602
7 Chapman, Doris L  1972New Jersey, USA I50371
8 Clemens, Susan Barbara  10 Apr 1905New Jersey, USA I42120
9 Freeman, Ann Elizabeth  1763New Jersey, USA I41994
10 Holcombe, Mary E  1934New Jersey, USA I42067
11 Martin, William  01 Dec 1863New Jersey, USA I16275
12 Mathews, Ada M  1918New Jersey, USA I42043
13 Mathews, Azariah H  1932New Jersey, USA I42038
14 Mathews, Jeremy  25 Jan 1898New Jersey, USA I42030
15 Mettler, Jennie L  1925New Jersey, USA I42042
16 Pegg, Jacob S  10 Jul 1925New Jersey, USA I42115
17 Pegg, Jacob Van Marter  18 Aug 1940New Jersey, USA I42119
18 Pegg, John  14 Aug 1911New Jersey, USA I42116
19 Pegg, Mahlon  04 Oct 1876New Jersey, USA I42109
20 Pegg, Mary Elenor  1843New Jersey, USA I42112
21 Pegg, Parmelia Ann  15 Jun 1853New Jersey, USA I42113
22 Pegg, Sarah Elizabeth  08 Jul 1866New Jersey, USA I42117
23 Pegg, Susie H  16 Oct 1942New Jersey, USA I42123
24 Rake, Lillian  1933New Jersey, USA I42044
25 Reed, John  1749New Jersey, USA I11742
26 Rittenhouse, Alanson  20 Dec 1835New Jersey, USA I42087
27 Rittenhouse, Elisha  02 Jan 1911New Jersey, USA I42090
28 Runyon, John  09 Nov 1745New Jersey, USA I41987
29 Runyon, Keziah  1771New Jersey, USA I42002
30 Runyon, Sarah  1695New Jersey, USA I42127
31 Runyon, Vincent III  1709New Jersey, USA I42126
32 Schweizer, Charles William  Jul 1982New Jersey, USA I50370
33 Sebold, David Bateman  28 Feb 1911New Jersey, USA I42054
34 Sebold, David Bishop  15 Mar 1893New Jersey, USA I42069
35 Sebold, Elizabeth  05 Feb 1848New Jersey, USA I42025
36 Sebold, Ella  1959New Jersey, USA I42064
37 Sebold, Francis  24 Sep 1870New Jersey, USA I42063
38 Sebold, George  23 Sep 1878New Jersey, USA I42065
39 Sebold, Gilbert B  1917New Jersey, USA I42100
40 Sebold, Mary Ellen  18 Sep 1844New Jersey, USA I42021
41 Sprague, Raymond Hildreth  18 Feb 1985New Jersey, USA I20048
42 Thompson, Thomas  09 Sep 1676New Jersey, USA I14100


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Schweizer / Chapman  Aft 1930New Jersey, USA F16678
2 See / Vanderpool  1744New Jersey, USA F14334
3 Snyder / Pegg  Abt 1860New Jersey, USA F13978